• School is such a waste of time

    Im in 9th grade and I hate it all our teachers don't teach they tell us to go in the computer and learn it and then like 2 days later they expect us to have it down, Its super annoying plus the lunch sucks too it should be a choice to go to school or not

  • More boring than you know

    Typing this instead of my stupid paper i should be writing but who cares anyways. School is so boring its so easy to me but i don't want to challenge myself so i'm better off just not coming to this hell hole and it sucks because it takes 8/24 hours that a third of my day and the the other third is sleeping so really i get like 1/3 of the day i would normally have to be productive and actually work on my future career instead of learning math and science that ill never ever use ever, And its not like we're going to remember any of this shit i don't even remember last year i'm a junior btw. Anyways i'm going to take a nap now peace.

  • Wow. Wow. Really?

    I don't even need to say why. Oh my lord, It's so damn boring. Just wish I could die thinking about school. It's awful and pointless. The government is just brainwashing us to be soldiers and slaves. I wish I could break free from the prison that is "school. ".

  • That's your experience.

    It varies from each person's eyes.
    School can be boring. You just sit and work for 6 - 7 hours, Then go home.
    But if you do stuff you enjoy in the classes a lot and if you have great friends in class, It would be more fun. (Now done)

  • School is stupid

    Why do we got to school? All we hear is yelling and the same stuff over and over. We learn something in kindergarten, 5 years later in 5th grade, YOU LEARN IT AGAIN. I'm in 5th grade and i'm learning place value and adding. Yes. Kindergarten crap. You come into each year hoping to learn something new, nope. 90% of the stuff I've learned this year I've learned back then. I see school as a time for parents to get kids off their back. Thank you teachers, for teaching me stuff I already know.

  • School is superboring

    Only because you spend how many hours a day the entire week to just sit there and listen to the teacher talk and as she talks you know she's not going to say something interesting, so as she says something you don't care about. You just fall asleep. Until, she gives you work. I know you go to school to learn. But, no matter if you get an education, it's not like you're going to so rich that you're life will be all set. You still be working hard and you're still not get that much and you're still going to have bills to pay and stress out cuz you don't have alot money to pay your bills. SO SCHOOL IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't think that school is boring at all

    Indeed it can be a bit boring at times but we do have to remember that its a learning institute. School can be really awesome if you have amazing friends and fun subject teachers, in that way school could never be boring. So a word of advise would be to............ Just have fun because you'll definitely miss your school days.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww school is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    School is boring so boring so if god gives us brains WE then what HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL WHAT why is the brain IMPOTANT HA IF WE HAVE SCHOOL HA HA HA HA TO POOR WHO CHOOSE NO I MEAN ITS LIKE SO BORING WHO CHOOSE NO IS BORING

  • Y e s

    School is boring as heck. There are barely any subjects I like in school. I mean, what kind of nerd likes school? It is so boring! You're probably going to think "This person is like three!" but I'm not, you total dork. I'm much older than a three-year-old. Trust me.

  • If Course its Boring

    I don't really want to argue with everyone cause i don't need to, its simple, who wants to use their brain for stuff which they won't use? Why do we get homework when we are already stressed out enough from school?
    I Don't have time for this because i need to do my homework.

  • School is the worse than wiston and mariana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I THINK SCHOOL IS BORING cuz all u do is sit there hearing the teacher talk and talk and TALK... And u write soooooooooooooo much plus I DON'T HAVE RECESS :( and u have to work all day but I have 7 our of school time a 30 MINS OF LUNCH.The only good thing about school is art! (wiston and mariana is the worst people I ever met

  • Boring as duck

    I only have one class that I care about......Film class, school sucks arse...Ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp i i i i ii i i i ii ii i i ii ii i i i ii i i i ij i ii i ii ii i ii i i ii ii iii ii i ii i i

  • School is good

    School can be boring at times for some people but it provides a very important service for people. Education is a very important service and without we would be lost. Education can be fun. Learning new things is fun and exciting. School is about teaching new things and can be very exciting.

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