• School for the future

    Now listen here, Children of the world. If you want to follow your dreams, And see them bloom, Don't just sit around looking like a fool. Tap into knowledge, Which according to certain men is power. And what better way to find knowledge then kicking it with school. Old school, New school, Any school is cool school. Connect with an education, And see your dreams soar. The man may try to stick it to you, But you gotta let him and all the squares know that knowledge is the gateway to the future, And any man who ain't talking jive knows that a child's dreams are ignited by education. So let's give it up for learning!

  • I Suffered Anxiety In School

    When I was in high school I suffered multiple forms of anxiety due to the setting around me. It was so stressful and I found that people were mean with no good reason, Especially the teachers. An environment like that isn't meant for just anyone, As not everyone can handle the stress involved in school. It expects kids to sit still and be perfect, Punishing them for things that shouldn't be punishable and violating their right to freedom. Kids don't deserve the stress they get there.

  • School is NOT for everyone.

    School is not for everyone, In terms of success, You can be successful without schooling. You should still go to preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, And high school, But after that is ultimately up to you. School is brainwashing students that they must memorize things to get good grades and such, But we live in a world where creativity, Leadership, And communication is thriving, Not memorization and trying to morph students into robots that can't get things wrong. We are human beings, And being imperfect is what makes us perfect.

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