• It is exactly like that

    You know what,I think school is not enough for those students who want to be a high achiever at all.Let me bring you an example,in my math book there is a subject title,its name is [Binomial expansion]. In my book there is just two pages explanation and 3 practices.I believe that's not satisfying for persevered students and there is no chance for hardworking students to depend only on book and school.

    Posted by: BITW
  • It just is.

    I speak as one who has just left Primary, and am now entering college. Primary was most certainly far, far too soft on me. They gave term long projects that honestly could be done in a week. Maybe it was just my primary had a pathetic amount of extensions, but as it's the only one I can judge by, I have to assume that school is going too easy on students.

  • Absolutely, don't teach responsibility

    Many k-12 teachers, as well as some university professors, are way too easy on the students. Extra credit left, right and center. That combines with easy test and exams mean the students learn next to nothing. They got into the mentality that there is always a way out. Thus, they don't take responsibility of their action. (If they fail, that's ok just ask for extra credits.)

    We need to teach kids responsibility at a young age. Don't do the work? Accept the consequence. (Summer school or repeat grade.)

  • Yes it is

    Most Public schools do not provide enough education for kids to actually have a decent job (unless you are or were schooled in the olden days, when most schools were good, and teachers would go to your house to work with any students that was struggling in homework. Now, there is none of that dedication now, and the school hours are still 8:30-15:00.

  • Schools demand too much

    Students are given a lot of things to learn. And if you want to go to a good university, you can't just learn (in high school) for the subjects you are interested in. There are tests and quizzes every day, and the curriculum covers a wider range of topics than the amount that is possible to be taught or learnt in this amount of time.

  • It is HARDER

    Because nowadays, we need more advanced knowledge in order to get a better job. In today's modern world, responsible jobs require advanced knowledge not like in the past. We have more information, scientists invents lots of things like Albert Einstein, he invents mass-energy equivalence equation E=mc2. Before his inventory, we hadn't known yet so we learned less. You get my points, right! I think in the future, people will create more things for children to learn.

  • The changing times

    The times are changing and old schools that cannot afford books and new tech will force some students behind and make them take the extra step if they wanted to get anywhere. An example of this would be my generation since we, have it rough since there is a new....Idea? And so a poor school in addition to old tech and books and a changing curriculum i guess you could say, its going to be quite tough for my generation to keep up.

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