• School is important

    Without school I would not be able to debate this topic through typing nor would anyone else. Either because we wouldn't now how to spell ,or use proper grammar and we wouldn't have punctuation either. Witch would make all of the comments on this topic nonexistent and that is why i think school is important.

  • Its very important

    Helps you not to be a bad person, helps you with getting a job, a education. It will make good choices and know right from wrong. Helps with skills, exposure, and your behavior. It even helps you with sports, art, music, acting, and also helps you fix computers and other technology.

  • Yes school is very important.

    Sure it's really not that exciting, but really it's necessary. And I'm not even talking about math or science; but also art and music. School doesn't just teach you algebra and geography. And really if you want to become something useful in life like a doctor, you'll need several YEARS of schooling.

  • Yes to quite an extent

    Most of us agree that education isn’t just a necessity; it should be one of the building blocks of life needed to grow up and therefore achieve a well-rounded knowledge.
    It teaches more than the basics for life, so it is more easier to learn equality and social skills in life than to also achieve goals in life, and to have a happy and stable’ life than an uneducated individual. Education is also very important if you want to be a self-dependent individual. It not only helps you become financially independent but also makes you wiser so that you can make your own decisions.
    The knowledge learned in school plays a major role in peoples’ daily lives. Knowledge about history improves cultural understanding, and basic maths skills help people keep their finances in order and English courses teach students how to read, understand and analyse written material, which is a crucial skill for nearly all modern jobs of today.

  • Up To A Certain Point

    There comes a time where further education is not necessary and instead becomes an economic and social burden. Some students excel in artistic jobs that need no further nurturing by betters and instead best results form one's own freedom; there would be no use for them to carry on to say, sixth form and do other subjects that will have no effect on their future. Also it frees up the resources for those who use them to their full potential. There's no point giving a sculptor lessons on how to dissect animals as it is hardly coherent to their field of interest. However, the basics need to be taught as withy the basics you have no foundation to build upon and in this regard schools are absolutely essential.

  • Of course it is

    I believe the bill gates steve jobs argument is full of holes. Yes their may be a number of people (a small number i might add) that had success without going to school. But im willing to bet those kids had an intellectual upbringing of some sort. Also bill gates did go to school and it was their that he first had experience with a computer. And I dunno much about steve jobs but i do know he got a lucky break working for hewitt-packard. Being successful comes down to luck/opportunity, social skills, and at least some knowledge. The latter two both being something that one can get in school. Education is key. When it comes to just about every aspect of life, having knowledge helps

  • They were lucky

    School teaches people how to not only learn how to do your job in the future but also social skills when they are still young. The people that are successful without school were just lucky in a little 1 in a million chance. I'd rather not take those odds and stick with a smarter game plan.

  • More and more so in today's society.

    We live in an increasingly technical and specified society, where the job market no longer allows for unskilled, uneducated laborers to do well. The number one determinant of whether or not a person lives below the poverty line is EDUCATION. Those without a high school diploma are statistically most likely to be extremely poor and/or unemployed. Those with a high school diploma only are statistically most likely to be poor and/or employed in menial, low-paying jobs. Those with college degrees make 40% more over their lifetimes than those without, and have much lower levels of poverty.
    To suggest school isn't important today is just plain ignorant.

  • A TALENT is born but a GENIUS is made.

    First of all not everyone is born like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs .Every common man creates his own destiny which requires knowledge, indeed imparted by schools. Also not only does school provide knowledge but also the skills, exposure and aptitude necessary for any kind of job or even professional interviews.

  • Awesome school is the best

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  • No, it's really not

    What's important is not education, what's important is to have a good eye for business. That's what got Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to the top. If school was really important, they wouldn't have even done anything in life. And their stories are not unique. There are lots of people in the world who have succeeded without a college degree or even a high school diploma.

  • Education is important

    But there are many other ways to get an education without attending school. Some of the worlds most amazing and successful people never attended school.

    Kids who are home educated get the same chances at careers and life even though many have never set foot in a classroom in their lives.

  • They make a fish climb a tree

    Schools kills creativity and makes you a robot. . . You will be taught how to survive and not how to thrive. . . School is a business. . . Your uniqueness will disappear and you won't be able to come up with anything unique. . . .
    They make a fish climb a tree. . . . . Learning is important and not school. . . .
    Either you play it safe and go to school. . . Or you face the real life

  • School is obviously the most important thing in the world.

    First off, It can help determine if you are worthless to society, Which happens to be what most people in middle school to High School feel due to the stress of stuff such as Grades, Over-working and long nights up doing homework, The stress of completing a 3 page essay on how South and North america was at war hundreds of years ago, While they are clueless about what is going on in today's world. They never learn first-aid and basic stress handling techniques which both could save their own and others lives, But of course math that 70% of teens will never even use in their lives, Except the 30% who want to become Scientists, Engineers, Construction Workers, And all that. But that should be optional for the others, Because it wastes YEARS of their childhood they could be using to learn more practical things, Some classes are important, Such as learning how to read, Write, Learn basic math you use every day no matter the job. Grades do not determine your value, I am currently in middle school, Almost high school, And a teacher called me stupid Because of my low grades. But simply because I turn in assignments late because of the stress of doing them.
    Thanks for your time, If you have read this entire opinion.

  • No I hate school

    Its hell with a n it was you who had to get into the game and get ready with a kid in the back seat that you should have to do in the first one who can get it right in a call when it comes out and then it gets a lot

  • School really sucks

    Think about it for a second. Do we really need to take the ELA, SAT, ACT, Etc? Does it really help you in life? Does bombarding children and teens with homework really necessary? I think schools should go at max all the way up to 5th grade. Everything else should be optional.

  • School is useless

    School is a place where children learn unnecessary things. Such as how to read a map, And how to do the most complex math equations. When have you ever done multiplication on a piece of paper when trying to check your change? I just use a calculator. Because in this day and age, School is irrelevant. And depressing.

  • It really isn't

    As a student right now, The school system sucks. The teachers focus on teaching you whta they want to, But not what is needed in the real world. They put aside work to try and teach how it is wrong to bully and stuff like that, Even though they know the students don't listen and do it anyway. The school system i screwed anymore and it is just ot important anymore.

  • It's Not Important

    Education is definitely important. The way people are implying it, School gives you all the education you need, But that's not true. Past elementary, What is the need to know so many complicated skills that will never be used? This is a world where technology is becoming more and more prevalent. What's the point of knowing how many more toy cars Ella needs to be able to make four rows when a calculator could do that for you? I'm really not saying that people should forget about math or science at all, But shouldn't you really be learning how to build a robot or something instead of learning about the farming methods used by Ancient Mesopotamia? That's the point. It's ancient! People are much more educated today than thousands of years ago, Of course. Their main goal was to survive, But that's not really the only thing we're focused on today. What about space exploration or companies like Google, Apple, And Microsoft? Shouldn't we be learning to be like them, Instead of having to write fifty expository essays every day on who knows what? Around 80 percent of the most successful people were dropouts or never went to school.

    I may just be a middle school kid, But that makes me know school and how kids feel about it more than teachers or other adults. School is making kids stressed, And it squashes their creativity. It teaches us that bad grades mean we're stupid. So even though school is supposed make people smart, It doesn't really show us a positive learning environment. Though the idea of school is definitely a good one, Schools are more destructive than useful. Kids become very stressed about homework and tests. And tests *insert sigh here*. School is for learning! It seems like these days, Teachers are just teaching kids for tests. But what's the point of tests if you're trying to see how much your kids have learned IF THEY'RE JUST GOING TO FORGET IT AFTER THE TEST? Also, School is made in a way that emphasizes on extroverts. What about the other half of the population, Like me? No one should be forced to collaborate and work with twenty other kids if they don't feel comfortable. Did you ever notice (you probably did) that in most classrooms, Desks are positioned to face other desks rather than the board?

    There are a million other reasons why schools have a bad layout, But this topic is more suitable for an essay than this.

  • Lemme explain it for you:

    Now, Personally I think it could go both ways. School is both important, And yet its not. There have been several studies by actual scientists that say " Because of school, Teens/preteens are becoming more and more depressed. " Take me for example: I'm still in school, Have been for years, And each passing year, I feel more and more depressed. Sure, I have not gone to a doctor to actually prove I am depressed, But I have done research.
    And don't even get me started on tests! These things you do for minutes/hours only to get you a higher/lower grade, That clearly stress students. Having a higher grade makes students look smart, But 50% of the time they just studied so much coffee is now in their bloodstream, And they just studied so they can now forget the information for the next test. And when you get a lower grade, Parents blame YOU for not " being good " on the test, Despite the fact that the TEACHER is meant to TEACH you the information. If the teacher does a bad job of teaching, That means the students won't care enough to actually learn the information being shoved in their brains.
    But putting all that aside, Here's a question I would like teachers to answer: Why won't you let students CHOOSE what they want to learn, And not choose it for them?
    Clearly, The world has changed. We have started to make robots, Electric cars, Evolve technology faster than ever before, So why won't school change? Sure, It has changed in small ways, But that does NOT count. If school wants to catch up with today's standards, Then how
    about they actually change education system? It would be extremely helpful in society!
    Remember: This is from a perspective of a 6th grader, So logicly teachers won't listen to this because I'm not important! But if I am someone like Bill Gates, Then " OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING WE MUST LISTEN TO THIS ONE PERSON BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOVE ME "
    But on a serious note, This is just my opinion, And no one has to follow it, But it would be recommended.

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