• School is cool

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  • School is better than work

    You're not forced to be friends or socialize with coworkers. You can spend your free time doing what interest you as opposed to creating superficial relationships with your coworkers that you would not converse with normally. You're not forced to participate in stupid potlucks, pizza parties, birthday parties, or other "team building" activities with people you don't consider friends. What the hell does eating junk food with coworkers have to do with "team building" or "being a team player." I took this job to make money, not to eat freakin junk food with fat slobs that have no life outside of work. Yes my bodybuilding/fitness diet, routine, and lifestyle are more important than eating junk food with people that I don't like. No we are not personal friends and I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation. If you've got money, school is way better.

  • As long as you have money, school life is better.

    School life, as long as you still have money in some form, is better than working life. In school you are constantly being challenged and being exposed to new things. In school you get to meet a lot of new people with varying interests and you get to expand your level of thinking. It's way better than work.

  • No, school life is not better than working life.

    Personally, I believe that school equips people for life at a career. There are many similarities that can be drawn between the two. For example, school requires about seven or more hours per day. During this time, students are required to stay focused and attentive, with very few breaks (perhaps lunch and recess). However, they also take homework home, which can add hours to their seven-hour "job," meaning they may be "working" more hours than an adult in a work-related job. Also, students have no choice in subjects, and must take even ones they don't enjoy. So it is not really better, and can in some ways be considered more challenging, or at least a preparation for the work world ahead of them.

  • School is not better than work

    One of the leading arguments on the other side is that school as long as you have money is better. I disagree because, in order to have money one must have a job, students only being able to work 4 hrs. Results in less money than a working job. So if having money makes school enjoyable then it is literally impossible to enjoys school without a working job. School is also becoming obsolete with the rise of instructional videos explaining how to do things that a student is passionate about. Want to work on cars there are videos of how to do that, chemistry plenty of science videos for that, art, music, carpentry, smithing, ect... School is also basically child labor, you work for seven hours without pay and your work literally accomplishes nothing. With a job you would at least get paid for your work.

  • It's very spilt

    I think we can't really argue about this because people will always have different opinions though for me it's a no since my experience in school was probably the one who caused my depression and other things, we put too much pressure on the youngsters and that may cause them to feel guilty and think it's their fault even if they are trying their best.

  • School is way worse than work

    In school if you don't feel good its not up to you if you get to go or not. Its your parents. In school you have so many expectations parents and teach expect you to live up to. People always say people are all different and that's what makes life interesting but why the fuck are we testing and raising people the same exact way with the same standards no matter who you are? In the working life you can have money, you can determine your life. You can explore the world if you correctly live life. In the working life you also don't have homework (depending on your job) which is a main stressor in school. You don't have tests that determine how smart you are. School is absolute bullshit and fills young artsy kids with stress because they maybe have a bad teacher. Or maybe they can't process a subject like smart kids do.

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