• You misspelled 'necessary'....

    You own incompetent spelling serves as enough of a reason for why school is necessary.... I mean you completely botched the word to, it wasn't just one wrong letter. Thank you though for being the poster-child of why we do need school though, it makes my job a LOT easier....

  • School Is Essential to the American Dream

    Today, education is crucial to succeeding in the world. It's growing more and more difficult to succeed without a college degree, and any success is almost unheard of without a high school diploma. The world is only going to continue to be more educated, and if not everyone has an equal chance to obtain an education, it will be impossible for the poor, who are already at a disadvantage, to have upwards mobility. If school wasn't mandatory, the poor would generally drop out earlier for various reasons (e.G. Working to support family). This would lead to a general decline in the literacy of urban youth, and hinder their ability to compete with children from better off families.

  • No but yes at the same time

    Let me explain, school itself isn't necessary. The stuff we learn is not necessary, however the fact that you make it all the way through the difficult levels of school is necessary, because it shows that a person is dedicated and has the ability to learn. 75% of things learned at school are not necessary, however it is important for colleges and jobs to be able to see that you where able to deal with these 75% well and have the ability to work with these difficult topics. So the stuff we learn isn't necessary, but the fact that we learn it is. Kind of confusing yes, but that's just how I feel.

  • Necessary, but not mandatory

    The freedom of education is a public necessity. Needless to say, it should be severely reformed- for I feel that it doesn't adequately equip students for the future. It shouldn't, however, be forced upon the populous as mandatory. Both state-funded schools and privately owned schools should always remain an optional alternative to the workforce.

  • Better education Program

    Yes education is the key to succeding in life. Knowledge is power.Why would get rid of education. Poor education programs does not mean you should get rid of education as whole. Developing a better education program is what is needed. Maybe paying the teachers more money and they would care more and take more time out to make sure your child is learning.

  • School IS necessary

    School is necessary due to the knowledge of people being important. If a parent didn't have the time or knowledge to teach their child they can send that child to school to learn. Without schools we also probably wouldn't have some of the stuff we have today that people enjoy like phones and technology. Because people had to have the knowledge from school to create them.

  • Yes - to a point.

    At first, School really does help to expand childrens' knowledge and teach them important subjects. I believe school is pretty useful until high school. At that point, It is mainly just useless topics and stressful exams that can determine your entire future, Even though most of the stuff covered won't even help you in life.

  • Yes we should have school

    I say yes because even if i hate school its better to have than not. If we don't have school how will we learn the correct grammar or get a good job. If we don't do school we will get a crappy job. The only reason we have school is to become smarter than you already are. If you think your smart now and you haven't gone to school got to school and see what happens then. Also school sucks for everyone and everyone goes through it so suck it up and yes we need school.

  • YOLO-You only live once

    YOLO- You only live once, why would you want to waste your life sitting at a desk for the first 18 years and then just to sit at a desk for another 40 years so you can live your last 30 with all the time in the world but not your youth.

  • Clearly the polls have been skewed by a bunch of ignorant folk and students who are feeling lazy

    School is where people, regardless of social class or background, learn how to read, right, and do math. Without these skills, and the follow on classes that shape those into the skills you need under the current social system to progress and succeed, find work, blah, blah, blah, you will be dependant and useless, unable to respect yourself, unable to survive.

    You can say the current school system has flaws or needs to be overhauled, or that another system would be better, but to say school isn't REALLY necessary is to betray your own ignorance. Likely the only reason you can currently express that opinion is because you were taught to read, write, and research in a school.

  • No life skills!

    Ok just because we learn addition and that does not mean we have REAL life skills like hunting or plating a garden! Yeah we need to know how to do math but will it kill them to teach us better life skills like thos! NO I DONT THINK SO! Pls

  • School is dumb

    School teaches you the non-necessary skills of life. If a person learns how to pay their bills and everything clean a house etc... And be able to work in the farming industry then you will be able to make it in life. You will have food and money. Look at the people in our past, most of the people back in the day didn't ever go to school a day in their entire life and they we're still able to provide the necessities for their family. School is absolutely the stupidest thing in the world, just another way for the government to collect a pay check.

  • You can do the same at home in half the time!

    I am currently in middle school, not sure about high school, but everything I've ever learned in shook I can learn the same if not better online or on YouTube. I can even learn everything in about a quarter of the time. All school gives you is a lesson plan.

  • I learnt more from home then school

    Before attending school, I eventually learnt how to read and write from trial and error. Since then I've loved to read books and was more informed on things I was supposed to learn that year then the rest of my year. Even now I still excel in things that I'm required to learn in the future but not now. The only thing that drags me down is the fact I dislike schools. Imagine this: You're attacked on the street but you're too shocked to scream and before you know it stolen one of tour belongings, what do you do? Oh yes, clearly in this situation Math will help you or even telling your teacher after the event has occured. How many schools teach that things are not very friendly after you'ce graduated?

  • Read This Article
    This article sums up why the school system is so messed up. It shows that the school system is a ancient tradition that has yet to adjust to the changes of the last few CENTURIES. We need to have the schools totally demolished, reasses what kids actually need (not homework!, and rebuild a better system
    This is the start of the future.

  • Education is not school

    Education is important and children can learn outside of school. Parents should allow time for a child to get curious, that's when a child may discover their love for video games goes beyond leisure and enters the technical aspects, or a love for building blocks can be developed into a love for architecture. Oprah, Steve Jobs, Spielberg, and many others never graduated from a higher learning institution but Oprah's love for people developed into the ability to help people. " If you don't follow our dreams someone else will hire you to follow theirs." People learn more through real life than they do cramming for standardized tests.

  • Part of the abortionist agenda.

    School is just so that we can FORCE children to learn about s*x. Then, when children get pregnant, abortion doctors kill the babies with our tax dollars and laugh maniacally as they rich children out of the womb! It all adds up. You might pretend that you don't know, but deep down, you know this in your heart to be true!

  • You're not going to die if you don't go to school

    Not going to school is definitely not recommended. Humans lived for hundreds and thousands of years without school but we survived. In society at our present day, school is becoming a major, major part of our life. If you don't go to school at 1000 BC you're just an everyday hunter / hutwife, but now, you become a under-qualified beggar.

  • Is school really that important?

    School is so boring and school doesn't really give you a lot of education all they really do is give us a whole bunch of homework homework inter fears with many kids social life.So you tell me is school really help children learn. Or is school just to get children away from their social life

  • Does Not teach you how to succeed in life

    We go to school for about 7 hours. We wake up early in the morning and go to school to learn about things that will not always help later in life. They do not teach how to get a job or how to get car insurance. They do not teach you how to manage money nor how to spend your money correct. I do not see how knowing what happened during the cold war will help me find a place to live or when will solving for x help me . Okay maybe some of the classes we take will help for our jobs we want but sitting down for an hour getting our brains brainwashed about politics . In history we see the American side of everything . What about everyone else's facts.?

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