Is school safety more important than the students' privacy when it comes to student locker?

  • Safety is always the most important.

    I know I didn't like it when the schools invaded my locker for routine searches, I'm sure that kids today don't like it just as much. But now that I'm an adult I understand the reasons for those searches had everything to do with keeping me safe from people who would do me and my friends harm. The lockers are school property, anyway, you have no right to privacy.

  • School safety is more important than the students' privacy when it comes to student locker.

    School safety is more important than the students' privacy when it comes to student locker. I think personal safety for the other students and staff at the school is extremely important. Everyone should be able to attend school without the fear that someone will do something harmful to each other. I think schools should have a right to search a locker if they deem it necessary.

  • Student privacy should prevail

    Kids are going to school, they aren't in prison. In prison you don't have the right of privacy and your stuff can be searched at any time. School is meant to learn, not be imprisoned. I can understand a locker being gone through if there is very strong evidence of a threat, but random locker searches is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Yes, student lockers are public domain.

    A student in elementary or high school is not an adult with the right to privacy, and lockers are on school property anyway. No student should be allowed to keep things in the locker that can not be checked on, and random checks should be part of the school experience.

  • Students should have privacy more than security

    So many students don't want teachers going through their phones. For good and bad reasons, such as that they might have private things that they don't want to share. This is why I and so many others think that security i less important than student privacy. So please vote yes on this opposition.

  • We need privacy

    We are usa citizens we were born here so we deserve rights to privacy. If we didn't have privacy paedohphiles theifs and murders could find us easier. The only reason teachers want less privacy is because they want to know if we have drugs or weapons but in realality youŕe more likely to die on the way to school then at school.

  • Too little privacy

    There is too little privacy today already, and teaching children to be complacent with encroaching breaches of privacy at an early age won't make them functional adult members of society. Schools already have too many zero tolerance policies and regulation in general, there's no reason that children should be suspended, expelled, or worse, arrested, because of a potentially arbitrary rule.

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