Is school teaching you the skills you'll need to succeed in life?

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  • Schools Don't Teach You Skills You Need But It's Not Their Fault.

    I think that schools don’t prepare you for the real world and I don’t think it is the school’s fault. From an early age schools teach English, Math, Science, And History. Some people greatly benefit from Math while others benefit from History, And one might ask why we have to learn things that don’t apply to us. Schools try to cover as much ground as possible, Preparing you for as many careers as possible rather than one career you will eventually choose. It is nearly impossible for a school to figure out what a student will become when they grow up, And most people eventually switch their jobs making it even more hard to teach what will be useful. Even if schools could figure out what students will eventually become it would be quite a hassle for the school to hire and fire and buy different class materials every year, And the cost of school would raise dramatically. It would be much more efficient and cost effective for a school instead to reuse teachers and materials every year.

  • Wasted my time

    They just told me to go to college and to get as many loans as I could to pay for college.
    They did not teach me about money management or about how dangerous loans are or that the colleges only care about money.
    They told me to not worry about my major and that I could get a job.

    What a load of lies. Jobs want master degrees and 5+ years of experience. And you have suck ups that will shank you in sleep if they get a better grade or the job interview.

    I hate school.

  • School doesnt teach me the skills that ill need to succeed in life

    I get that school teaches us about routines, Time management, Respect for authority, Etc but shouldnt there be more than that. For examples how to pay taxes or what the heck is even taxes. How to buy a house or car. What type of healthcare should i apply to?

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