• I love school

    I love school and yes I think that school is needed because without school we would all be dumber and dumber and yes students and children all around the world need to be more smarter than ever and yes school is needed ok ok ok ok ok good bye 👋

  • School is good for the future

    I think that I’m gonna have to vote for yes on this one ok 👍 and yes I think that school is needed and yes all children should go to school because it is important for this okay and yes school is important to everyone’s lives ok good bye 👋

  • School is needed

    I think that I’m gonna vote for yes okay and yes school is important and education is important and yes school is needed to prepare for the future ok 👍 ok 👍 you hear me ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok 👍 ok 👍 good bye 👋

  • School IS needed.

    School is a topic that is always debated. Some People say no school and some speak the truth. Yes you can get a job without having a degree but is that your dream job? People go the school not only for their education but also their future. Without school you wouldn’t live your dream life. Without school you wouldn’t relate to the things your educated friends can. You’ l be the outsider. You’ll be the person who gave up to soon..

  • School is needed.

    School is needed because if there was no school then you would not be smart enough for a job and then you would not have money for that house of yours.If you didn't have a job your family you may have made will be homeless and poor and do you want that to happen I hope not.

  • It kind of depends. (Question is also very localized)

    I do believe that primary school is needed. Especially since most of the things that you will use in your life is covered under those first 6 +2 (Kindergarten) years. However, some of the things that you might learn throughout high school isn't necessarily needed. For some, the add on work causes a lot of added unneeded stress. Wait I am saying is, I don't think I will ever use Trigonometry or Linear Equations. However, as a general statement, school is important.

  • I don't believe that that is a genuine question.

    With respect, that is one of the most stupid questions that I have ever heard. At school, we don't just learn things from lessons, you learn things from hanging around with your friends. There are so many things that you learn which you don't think come from school. Without school, you wouldn't have the qualifications that you need to get a job. Life would be so much harder because you wouldn't know half as much as you know now. I think that school is 1000000% necessary and always will be. Without education, the world would still be where it was before Jesus is born.

  • IT ıs hell

    Why the hell do i have to learn how much i weigh on other planets? We didnt go to even one of them. We also have to have homework every day. Studies show it causes stress and stress can lead to depression. I hate school. I hope the corona fixes it.

  • Its like hell

    Being in school is like walking into the gates of hell because when you get in there is no way out plus all this other stuff we learning we won't even use it in the future like my mom she works as a manager at a fast food place only thing she do is bag food and deal with people. And she don't even use the stuff she learned in school.

  • It really depends

    School is obviously important, But the current things students learn in schools is by far extremely unimportant. A lot of the things students "learn" in school will never be used by students in their futures. If you want to go to college and continue your calculus learning then great! But if you're planning on being lets say a retail worker then why in the hell would you need calculus? I believe students should have the ability to take the courses they believe will suit their future job. If you're planning to become a doctor the last classes you will need is history, Math, And language classes and focus primarily on science based classes. If you're planning on being a police officer then why take math classes?

  • You Lear without school

    School sucks school sucks sucks to have to go home tomorrow and then go home to my parents answer my question d get them home I will let ya go get it I don’t want you guys want me just let ya go I know you’re going home I want you

  • I don't think it is needed because it is just making us more moody and naughty and they are teaching things that we already know

    I don't think school should be a thing because it makes us feel tortured and unhappy as well as school stands for seven cruel hours of our lives and i agree with that coz it proves that every one i know hates school nd don't want to go to school coz they teach the same stuff every year and the same as primary it is getting on my nerves

  • Because it's stupid

    Because do you know how hard it is to wake up in the morning still developing or do you remember? Probably not because your life just consists of you doing things you don't enjoy because you got use to that during your school years. Yes education is important and it is needed but you do not need to put us through that, If you need to know what the square root of two is when you multiply it by the number of five. Just to get a job then you can tell me I'm wrong. And when you need to run around the court

  • School is just not needed

    I am a student and i believe that children like my self should be able to take there own path and learn what they feel they need not what some 80 year old grandma tells them to learn kids have the internet to learn thing to so really are schools needed?

  • No more schoo

    Schools shouldn't be prison camps, They should be a welcoming environment where the CHILD learns what they want, Not what the adults want. I believe that, With A LOT of tweaking, School could be something that actually prepares you for your job. As it is right now, It literally is a breeding ground for mental illness. I don't know a single person in my school that isn't anxious or depressed, And that should be saying a lot about schools (especially in America).
    Overall they should look at the individual's personality and interests and not just "go through the motions" because "life really begins when you're an adult. "

  • Yes, But no.

    Yes, We do need an education. But school is hell on earth. Why can't they bat least try to make education fun? The way schools are run, It's basically prison. Every time I enter the school, I wanna die a little more. School sucks the worst ass in history. School. Sucks.

  • School is bad

    You do useless stuff and it is not fun, School is like a prison for kids and the teachers are sometimes bad, Restricting others and use their position to tell children to do things, I think school is not needed for surviving and people will not use it in real life.

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