• I strongly Believe that school uniforms are required.

    As we all know first impression plays a big role in the way people view you as an individual, Therefore professional attire prepares our young students for the world of today smartly organized disciplined, Creative, Structured and for the purpose of identification. Students also tend to take hours figuring out what they should and should not wear so it is a fact that it is time consuming, Children of low maintenance homes tend to be bullied by those who can afford to wear a new outfit everyday so there student become less focused on work and study and spend it on physical appearance.

  • I strongly agree that school uniforms are required because it served as a Symbol of identification and limiting the cost of wearing casual clothes everyday.

    School uniforms play a big role in identifying students from the various institutions because it will be easier to tell them apart from other learning institutions as well as limiting the course of wearing casual clothes everday, Instead they can wash and re-ware them with no one even realizing it.

  • School uniforms are required

    School uniforms are required for many reasons. One of those reasons are the school uniforms can be some identification, The next reason is that some students might not come from wealthy homes to buy clothes all the time to come school. The other reason could be that students just prefer to wear a school uniform instead of normal clothes.

  • Yes, To prevent bullying and to be more productive

    Students who are less fortunate can be bullied by those who are more fortunate because they are not wearing any brand or they are not 'in style'. Also, It is better to dress more professional for school to be more focused and ready to work instead of being in those comfortable clothing that can make students lose focus having their mind set to what brand they will be wearing tomorrow or who has the better clothing and shoes.

  • Yes. Uniforms are important

    I believe that uniforms are important because one it provides a level of discipline and identity to students in a way that they could be easily recognized through their specific attire. Secondly, Uniforms are cost effective in situations where parents are not finally stable. Therefore, In cases where uniforms are not worn students tend to be bullied because what they are wearing may not be fashionable or appealing to other students.

  • Yes school uniforms are highly required

    It is important to provide discipline, And to provide unity so that one another cannot think less of any student because they are all wearing the same uniform. Another reason why uniforms are required is because it saves parents and the less fortunate money. In addition I strongly believe that uniforms are highly required as it would help students focus more on their studies than brand name clothing and shoes.

  • Uniforms are important

    It allows individuals to remain focused as they're not allowed to show creativity and how they dress. Eg. When people are allowed to dress however they may like, May draw unnecessary attention ( change of focus) and also create for a m ore relaxed environment than to one of structure. Another is that it makes students of the school easily identifiable or recognisable and also uniformed especially in cases where identification is needed amongst large groups. Another reason why uniforms are important are it is cost effective as students may purchase a set of uniforms to wear throughout the week whereas without any uniforms, Individuals would be required to spend more money on purchasing clothing items to wear throughout the week.

  • Yes, It's very much required.

    Yes, It is required to bring uniformity and descipline amongst the kids. It will remove the differentiation of rich and poor as all the kids would be in same color. It would be good if they focus on studies rather than bragging on their branded shoes or clothes. This will teach them an early lesson of sense of belongingness when they see all are equal.

  • They promote equality and teamwork among students.

    I don't see anything wrong with how uniforms are done as it is now, Being pretty much up to the schools themselves to decide whether or not to have uniforms. Then you can choose between a school with uniforms and one without. Generally there is no problem with uniforms, If anything, There's a benefit. Giving students a choice of what to wear might make the wealthier students stand out more and you could definitely tell the economic status of the kids. But with a uniform, Everyone is on the same level, Which can also promote team building. There's a reason militaries, Police agencies, And even some workplaces have uniforms.

  • Wearing a school uniform would not be my go to outfit but I strongly believe that it is required.

    To begin with, A uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. Wearing a school uniform prepares them for the outside world and work. Students are usually better behaved when they are wearing school uniform. It creates an identity for the school and identification for students. Also, Uniforms are more appropriate rather than students choosing their own outfits. No one would be left out on trends if they are not able to purchase new clothes. School uniforms reduces peer pressure to force parents to buy modern clothes and reduce the stealing rate among teenagers. In addition, School uniforms would lessen the change of a child getting bullied about their clothes. Furthermore, Wearing a school uniform gives you a sense of belonging as it makes students feel like they are all in it together. However without a school uniform students are at greater risk of getting harmed on compound, Carrying weapons to school and being armed.

  • Uniforms are uncomfortable, Bland and promote elitism

    School uniforms are unnecessary. They are uncomfortable and stuffy. Nobody would want to wear school uniforms on a hot day right? Even if you manage to make them comfortable, Uniforms can promote segregation of social classes. Considering that school uniforms are a form of identification, It only serves to promote elitism. In a way, It shows your family status, Wealth and grades. How would you feel if a person from a elite school looks at your non-elite uniform and starts bullying you for it? Furthermore, Uniforms restrict student's choices. After all, It's so bland to see everyone wear the same thing every day. This is not to say students should be allowed to run free. Schools can still enforce a dress code, Which allows students to wear what they want as long as it's appropriate. This is a much better alternative to uniforms. And hence, Why uniforms are not really required.

  • During different times of the year, School uniforms can be very uncomfortable.

    During Summer, The weather is very hot and the school uniform becomes really sweaty. This sweating leads to irritation and uncomfortableness. During Winter, The weather is very cold and the uniform is not enough to cover our whole body from the cold. This cold can lead to fever and cough.

  • It makes school boring

    It does not make school entertaining. Sure the problem with outfit judgement is something that does need to be fixed and parents who can't afford clothes can use the uniforms, But kids will be less interested in school, It would look bland. The students would not look unique, Plus they can be lost in field trips since most uniforms are navy and white like in in the thumbnail picture. Overall students should be given a option, Wear it or wear your own clothes

  • It's Not Necessary

    Well I don't think it is really that much of a need as it relates to school in a sense. Yes it helps create an atmosphere of professionalism and it reduces distraction but at the same time, A student still gets picked on based on the tiniest things. At the same time, In the case of a student who's guardians aren't that financially stable, Uniforms secretly reduces any form of embarrassment to the student who would in fact not really fit the "competition of best dressed" which would be a thing among the student body. While all that is being said, Casual wear instead of uniforms would help one express him/herself more freely and would be a gateway for a student to show their creativity not to "show off" but as a learning experience for others to get to know about each other because school is a place for learning.

  • Uniforms take away Freedom

    I believe that everyone has a right to express themselves and for most people this may be through the way they dress. Uniforms takeaway this freedom of expression. Uniforms take away a sense of individuality from young persons who are just developing and trying to figure out who they really are.

  • Uniforms in school are not really required

    Uniforms are uncomfortable when it is hot and if one is uncomfortable then they will not be able to focus on what is being taught in class. Rather they will focus on them being really hot or uncomfortable and will be seeking ways to make them selves more comfortable hence dividing their focus.

  • Compulsory uniforms is a crime against children

    As a school student, I think that school uniform is possibly one of the worst ideas ever. It destroys individuality and is uncomfortable. Uniforms are often super expensive and quells self expression. Also, If it was such a good idea, Then why is it forced? Children should be able to make their own decisions and that would make them like school a lot more. Compulsory uniforms is an overt violation of human rights.

  • NO! Its pointless and annoying.

    As a student myself I believe that school uniforms are 100% unnecessary. We do everything else to regulation so why should we have to wear school uniforms. At my school we even have regulation backpacks. We have no way of expressing our individuality what so ever. I understand that its about equalizing every one but some households also struggle to find the money for a school uniform especially with more than one child So wouldn't it just be easier to ditch the uniforms for everyone? .

  • Restrictive and archaic.

    No. It dehumanises the students and promotes an overly formal, Dreary atmosphere for as long as they are wearing it, Regardless of the environment. Ironically enough, Despite people saying that it promotes equality, It more often than not ends up promoting conflict between different schools and the public, Who end up having biased perceptions of individuals wearing the uniform of a specific school. I live in NI and neighbourhoods become more precarious in no time provided you're wearing a uniform associated with a religion or church that is contentious in said neighbourhood. In addition, The fabric itself is uncomfortable, As are the multiple layers and regulations with "dress code" that provide no adaptability.
    No one cares what clothes you wear. Chances are you're more likely to garner ire by boasting about your gaudy gold-trimmed fur coat than something normal. The only real advantage it has is identification, But that conversely makes me realise that this essentially passes you off as property of the school you attend outside of their property and jurisdiction, Which only accentuates how it dehumanises people.

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