• Science is destroying our humanity.

    At this stage in time, We objectify, Quantify, And trivialize the world through science. We no longer simply use it as an aide to understanding - instead, It has allowed us to replace genuine comprehension with heuristic, Diversity with pathology, And sometimes even literally humanity with machine.

    We were once blind to what science was; it was Persephone's flower - but now that we know, We continue to chase it and ignore the river beneath us. As such, Science is (barely) a metaphorical curse that has left us, As a species, Blind.

  • Science is a curse

    People are using science to kill others. They are sending various viruses into the air. They are also making bomb and different explosives and killing sincere people. We can also see the more usage of media. Even technology comes under science as without science we cannot make technology. We are able to make friends in facebook but not not in real life. That is the reason why we should say that science is a curse.

  • Science is a curse

    Are chemicals and nuclear weapons which are designed for mass destruction, bringing man to the savage state and which is the root cause for earthquakes and global warming good? Think about the lives of ordinary innocent childeren during the dropping of the hiroshima. Science has done too much of destruction.

  • Science is destroying humanity

    Science is the biggest curse of this era, people are so engaged with these technological gadgets that they have forgotten that they have a life out of virtual reality. Science has made people socially and morally ill. It spread pornography and other sexual material in young generation and destroyed their abilities. To me, Science is the biggest curse of out time.

  • Unimaginable world without science:

    Wherever we go we see science, experience science and apply science. Life without science is not possible at all..! Today without cell phones,computers, televisions and electricity one cannot lead a happy life.We are able to know the upcoming disasters and take preventive steps accordingly only through science.So science is important.

  • Science is a bane

    People say that science has helped to cure many diseases and increase the life span.But think about those being killed by radiations cancer world wars respiratory and cardiac disorders and finally countless accidents.Of course science may have raised the so called status of our living but everything is not so rosy about it.It is science only that has given way to harm people in one method or the other

  • Science is instable

    Most of the important theories in science are changed such as theory of evolution,division of atoms etc . Science have offered man a comfortable and easy life. Man has made many progress in science .But with the science only man is going to become extinct . If a third world war becomes a reality there would be no one to see it . Our mother earth is suffering because of mans science progress

  • Science is disaster

    As many people predicted if it finds a solution for a problem it creates 10 others and more over human were able to live even without science though it contrubuted
    it also made disasters
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  • Science is truly a curse

    Science is a curse.Internet used by nowadays youngsters have been a habit to sit in front of the mobile or computer and to bunk his or her work.Moreover it causes harm to our eyesight . That is why science is truly a curse.
    Internet on the other hand is made by science.

  • Science is curse

    Science,like any other thing can be a boon as well as a curse depending upon its usage.Bomb was invented as an aid in constructing tunnels and clearing paths.But you know man is the cruelest animal and had to lay its dirty hand on it.He used this bomb for mass destruction and to hurt each other.Thus it is rightly said that,"Science is a boon and curse".

  • Science is the BEST!

    Science has EVIDENCE that "religion" doesn't! Religion only BRAINWASHES people to believe in LIES! No wonder no one knows the TRUE answer of how we all got on the earth! There is only ONE answer which is EVOLUTION! People just misuse religion for "evidence" of "creation." People are too stupid to realize the TRUTH!

  • Science is not a curse!

    Science is not a curse as many things are possible through it and it eases our daily life and fulfills our requirements however there are many harmful appliances created through science and people are using it in a bad way but it totally depends on the use of people of the appliances give to us by science.

  • Science is a Gift to Humanity

    It is absolutely true that science is a boon. Why ?If you ask, you are reading this post all because of advancement of science. You may be living or can live a comfortable life with the availability of science solely. Science and technology has granted us the access to modern physics,chemistry,biology and technologically advance civilization. In fact we can not live without it. We depend on science foreducation,medicine,sports,games,agriculture,military etc.And so on.

  • Yes it is curse

    Now a days ,I have been seeing that our grand parents were as healthy today every person has must any ailment, so if it is a boon why we are not gong healthy. In my opinion long time ago illiterate pepole are inteligent because they are learned and experienced but today people leave experience .
    If this will be like this , i hope The Earth will here but Life will not exist.

  • W h y ?

    Why do people think science as a curse? The people who said yes hat do you think of yourself. You are angry at science and you are taking your anger out on this website created by science. Don't you guys have cars, scooters or even cycles created by science or dot you even take bus or taxi to get somewhere. The persons who believe science is a curse you shouldn't use phones,pc, laps, banks, clothes(synthetic fibres), etc etc.And leave your jobs even if related to science. If you can do it then yes I believe science is a curse. Don't accept money even that is science.

  • Science is bestowed on us

    Science'ofcoure a boon as it has two sides we cant easily says that it os a curse it has its negativity but it is less in comparison of boon. For eg. If you score 80% in your exam you will be satisfied with it and work to acheive more next actually like that for science boon is 80% and curse is 20% so cant totally blame science for curse its upon us that how we use it. Eg. Knife can be use to vut offf vegetables and from knife you can kill anyone so here knife is science we should take ots positive side

  • Science is a curse

    Development of science has made one's life insecure . With the increasing terrorism,missiles,chemical weapons,pollution,industry dis-changes ,global warming....Are the issues started due to the developments of science. It is a curse as it leads to the inventions of nuclear bombs which almost destroyed Hiroshima & Nagasaki . But exactly science isn't a curse.....;-*

  • Life without science...

    Today, science has so much involved in our life that it is really hard to imagine living without the science. Every part of life whether it is food or recreation is related to science and its various ways. To decide that whether science is a boon or a bane for mankind is not a simple decision.

  • Science is best

    Science is very good but i am given debate on science a curse.I am a non med student so i cannot find about curse help me out....Science,like any other thing can be a boon as well as a curse depending upon its usage.Bomb was invented as an aid in constructing tunnels and clearing paths.But you know man is the cruelest animal and had to lay its dirty hand on it.He used this bomb for mass destruction and to hurt each other.Thus it is rightly said that,"Science is a boon and curse".

  • Science can be a great gift, but only if it is used that way.

    Whether it is finding cures to diseases to save lives, or exploring the outer reaches of space, science has, time and time again, been used to accomplish wonders to benefit mankind. However, we must be careful as to how science is used, and whether the result will be positive or negative. Will it be used to find a cure for cancer, or will it be used to engineer bombs and weapons to kill thousands? As many wise men have said: "With great power comes great responsibility".

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