• Yes and No

    About 51% yes and 49% no. The reason I say no is because science is natural and it contains proof. Religions are supernatural and have no proof unless it's fake. The only reason why I say yes is because of scientology. This is more of a sci-fi religion and has few followers. This is one thing that has labeled Tom Cruise a creepy person. XD

  • Yes, it can be

    It's not supposed to be, but it often is. People often put their faith is science as much as anyone puts their faith in any religion. The antagonism among many at anyone who who questions evolution is evidence of this. Everybody must believe in and serve something. Often, the anger of some who claim to objective and just look for objective answers belies what they say they know.

  • To some definitions of a religion, science can be considered a religion.

    Science is clearly not, the service and worship of God or the supernatural. But, another definition of religion is a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. One can show that the adherents of science put their faith in it to reveal the Truth about the (observable) universe. But, there is also a faith and orthodoxy in accepting some unproven or unprovable theories, especially in the realms of cosmology. Is it a system of beliefs? Yes. Is it held to with ardor? Yes. Is there a component of faith in the unproven? Yes.

  • Is "off" a TV channel?

    Science is the exact opposite of religion.

    Science is centered around observation and performing experiments. Religion is centered around faith and blind acceptance.

    Science has allowed cures for many common diseases that at one time were fatal. Has "prayer healing" ever helped?

    Also, science is "universal." There aren't localized "sciences," like there are localized religions. (i.E., Christianity, Islam, etc.)

  • Obviously

    Science is a religion where people, instead of worship any supernatural entity, you study the natural world and how it works. It is a religion where instead of making answers, you look for them. Instead of reading scripture and accepting it without question, you question everything. Science is a religion with many denominations. There is the Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Astronomy, Geology, and many more groups and sub groups. Science is a religion just like mathematics is a political party.

  • Science is not a religion

    Science is the study of the natural world not the super natural. All things in science are tested and can be retested through the scientific method. Religion is the service and worship of God(s) or the supernatural. The two have nothing in common and are clearly not the same thing by any standard.

  • No science is not.

    While similar in that both science and religion seek to explain the various mysteries of the world, they have a fundamental difference.

    Religion essentially boils down to a belief and faith in that which cannot be understood logically. Science is almost the complete opposite, being completely focused around logical conclusions drawn from constant experiments and tests.

  • No, it's science

    Actually a very interesting question, but the answer is no. Religions aren't tested in labs relentlessly to try to improve and advance them. I get the relationship that is being attempted here and there certainly one between religion and science, but not like this. They're separate entities, one is not filed under the other.

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