• Yes, science is a threat.

    I strongly agree. Our lives are in danger because bombs are made to blast thousands or millions of people. New guns are made for robbery. People are rebelling against their own blood, and it's not fair. This all is done by the cruel advancement of science. Can you believe science has increased the capability of men to kill each other?

  • Science makes human beings lazier in life.

    Yes, I agree that science did made our life easier but we cant deny the impact that bring to human beings, that we become lazier nowadays. People nowadays are too dependent on the invention of science. Thanks to science that we cannot even do simple jobs like wash our own clothes. Washing machine has taken over the job for us. My dear opponent, can you imagine if electricity cut down, who's going to do the job for you? Only you, yourself! So stop rely too much on science to do your job and make your life meaningless. Moreover, nowadays people tends to drive to the gym just to walk on the treadmills! How ironic!

  • Yes, I think science is a threat to humanity

    It's true we owe a lot to science, all the convenience and creature comforts we enjoy on earth wouldn't have been possible without advances in science. The downside is that all this technology can and will be used against us. Look at the atomic bomb, with the destruction it caused and that was almost seventy years ago. The weapons we have now, would make the atomic bomb look like a firecracker. Then you have people who get greedy for profits and use technology for their own benefit; not worrying about the welfare of anyone or anything else. As much as I would like to say no, as long as we have a world full of greedy people in power, who are only thinking about the next big payday; science will always be a threat.

  • Where will it stop?

    Although I understand the view that science has brought us many benefits, I think people often forget its consequences. It has enabled countries to create terrifying Weapons of Mass Destruction, has caused numerous ethical questions to be raised and is a constant threat to humanity with the danger that it may never stop, and we will become our own worst enemy. Even some of science's greatest achievements like the discovery of antibiotics has caused massive implications through the uncontrollable population increase. For these reasons and many more I think scientists should be very careful about how far they go to improve society as it could in fact turn into a serious threat to humanity.

  • science is always a threat to humanity.

    we may be living in a modern world with the influence of science however does it makes any difference? many people are still suffering the effect of science. The floods, global warming and etc. Science may help us, but the total destruction it causes us is just one-fourth of the benefits it give us.

  • Science is a threat.

    They can make consequences
    They also can make some many awkward situations which will maybe harm the planet and people and some living just because to make something a little better, We can make something real and super bad than before. We just have to say that science is a threat.

  • Science is a threat to humanity

    Science is a big cause to climate change. With science we are able to create technology that is bad for the environment. Planes, Cars, Boats and other vehicles are created with the help of science and so are factories. Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world today.

  • The Doomsday Clock

    The Doomsday Clock, The prediction of scientists and Nobel Laureates how far the world is from an earth-ending cataclysm, Will remain where it is for this year.
    But where it is – two minutes to midnight – is also the closest it has ever been to the end times, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists pointed out.
    The Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight because of the testing of hydrogen bombs in 1953. Also because of climate change and other new technology.

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  • Yes, I think science is a threat.

    Because science is providing many problems in our society. The greenhouse effect is one of the biggest disadvantages. Different satellites and rockets launched in the air and even cars running on the roads, Making our world a miserable place. It is wiping the greenery from the world. And one day, Undoubtedly, Science would be the reason of the world end.

  • Yes, science can benefit mankind

    ...But this doesn't mean it's not a threat to our existence. We've seen the power of science in its resulting products ranging from cars and solar panels up till bioweapons and AI. While science is generally used to benefit mankind, we cannot assume that science will always be used in a manner that serves humanity best. In cases when (a)we choose to use science against each other, or (b)it is not carefully developed and things get out of hand, science can pose a (very large) threat to humanity.

  • No, science helps humanity

    Science helps humanity because it is how we heat our homes up, how we keep our food fresh. Science is how we know the world around us. Science is also even a solution to things like global warming. Science does not pose a threat to humanity unless it is misused or used irresponsibly.

  • Is Mcdonalds a threat?

    No of course science is not a threat to humanity. This would be in comparison to the calorie count in a Mcdonald's menu. Everything in moderation, how can science be blamed for the mistakes of humanity, like spoken previously it is merely a tool that we use. Yes in some cases it is used for destructive purposes, although it is often confused with the wrongful intentions of a human. How can it be so different to a caveman killing another with a much simpler tool? They both had the wrongful intention. Yes we would be in a very different place today without science. Although without the knowledge of say bacteria, who knows, without it you could've died from a spread of e.Coli simply by not washing your hands.

  • Science is not the threat!!!

    Science is not the the treat because it help us in aspects of life. Tell us how to live and make us able talk to our family members, friends and relatives through internet. Except this there are many other factors those support this point that science is not the threat.

  • Science saves lives

    Science saves lives every single day. A few years ago, we wouldn't have a defibrilator, so someone having a heart attack would be long gone. People with cancer would have no chemotherapy, and they probably wouldn't even know that they had cancer. They would just die, and wouldn't get the chnace to grow up.

  • Humans are the problem, not science

    As stated, I believe that the problem is humans and not scientific advancements or discovery. Some may argue that we use science to kill millions. Yes, they are right. However, note how it is HUMANS that are using science to kill. Science by itself is harmless, it is the manner in which we choose to apply it that can be harmful. However, science can also be a tool for good, to cure diseases and create wonderful new technologies. As for science facilitating life to the point where we are lazy, that is our decision to do nothing, not science's. To conclude, I believe that science is human curiosity put to work, pushing the boundaries of what we understand. It is explaining the inconceivable, devising the impossible. I find it inexplicably exciting and unmatched in terms of social and technological advancement. If we allow it, science will help us build the future and do the impossible.

  • Science Increases Our Knowledge of the Universe

    Without the advancement of science in fields like physics astro-physics and biologists, we would not know what the universe is made up of, we would not know what we are or how we were formed. To those people who say things like "Science increases new weapons and more deaths". That is part of life, we can not stop it from happening, plus science makes our lives easier by taking the challenge out of menial tasks so that we can focus on bigger challanges and answer the nig questions in life.

  • Science is not the threat, us the humans is the threat.

    Science itself does not do harm to humanity. Science teaches us a lot of things, and it helps us understand our world better, but it does not hold to key to the destruction of humanity, it does not teach us how to destroy, we the humankind do the destruction instead.

  • Science is just a tool

    The ones using science are the threat and of course the ones using science are the ones with money. I am speaking as a scientist. Corporations are the threat as they are the ones with the money. Science can be so much more than it currently is but then again the same could be said for the world.

  • Off course science is NOT a threat to humanity

    I say that science is not a threat to humanity because it is not science that been a threat in humanity but HUMAN. For example, drugs. Scientists create drug or pill to cure disease but people use it for evil. It is clear that science is not a threat in life.

  • Science does not do harm to us. We are harming ourselves.

    When somebody creates a new technology or discovers a new kind of substance, that itself does not do harm to humanity. For example, when Alfred Nobel created the dynamyte, it was intented to be used to help people to mine faster. It was only when the dynamite ended up into the wrong hands that bombs, suiside bombers and terror displaced the original purpose of the dynamite. Therefore, technology itself is not the problem. Rather, we are creating problems to ourselves

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Anonymous says2013-02-24T14:39:33.410
I agree that Science does not pose a threat to humanity because as a result of scientist who cared to dream spontaneous yet useful invention were created which could help save humanity.
Anonymous says2013-03-08T07:31:58.417
i don't think science is a threat because human need to progress. we sure do not want to live like in the stone age.
Anonymous says2013-06-26T15:41:03.807
I completely disagree to the statement that science is a threat to humanity.Science is the only that brings you from the stone age to modern happy and comfortable life.
jhonel09 says2013-07-01T04:21:23.573
I strongly disagree that science is threat why because science is the reason why we have an easy life if there is no science do you think we have a computer? A things that canb help our life easier like stove,aircon,and electricfan who gave us air when we need ??
Anonymous says2013-07-12T15:46:25.883
Science is really important
Anonymous says2013-08-29T13:35:59.767
Science can be a threat as the increasing technology is somewhere depleting the sense of humanity
Anonymous says2013-09-03T19:25:21.123

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