Is science being suppressed by politics? As in, are politicians hiding important scientific findings?

Asked by: wasittoya
  • Some Politicians are just Ignorant

    Some political circles refuse to acknowledge scientific fact. Gay rights in the United States is a good current example of this. It has been proven multiple times through scientific study for the last century that homosexuality among men and women is a neurological condition. Modern science suggests homosexuality is not a choice. This fact is consistently ignored by far right conservatives who simply don't like it and often not picked up by some liberals and moderates. I don't believe religion and government go together, but science and government most certainly should as much as possible.

  • Scientists are paid to do what they're told

    Scientists are not paid to do actual research and publish their findings. They are paid by government and companies to find results that reflect what is wanted by the one paying them. For instance, global warming ... Scientists get paid to publish proof that it doesn't exist, while in the background they have all kinds of evidence hidden that proves it does exist.

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abyteofbrain says2014-01-16T06:02:40.073
Isn't it a well known fact?