• To make progress.... Duh?

    Seriously, if this is about faith versus science, I am a religious man. I was born Catholic and I have great faith in my church. But think about all of the wonderful things that science has accomplished over the years. Vaccinations have but almost a complete stop to diseases such as Polio, Smallpox, as well as many others. We have broadened our concept of the universe. Cloning has become possible. Cleaner and more efficient forms of energy are found everyday. These are simply a few of the many advancements by science. And scientists today are on the verge of unraveling the mysteries of the big bang, solving the energy crisis, defeating the most crippling medical disasters in our lives, and more. To stop science would be to stop progress. It is not simply telling us right from wrong and forming better understandings, it is enhancing life as we know it. And if you feel as though: Solving the energy crisis and help to heal world, finding more efficient transportation and faster speeds, and even being able to cure cancer and put an end to suffering, isn't essential? Then there is something incredibly wrong with you.

  • Yes, it is.

    Without science we would be nowhere close to where we are today. Science has lead to the cure of many diseases, and ways of preventing them as well. Science has also gotten man to the moon and back, which will help with the colonization of other planets, which we will eventually need to do. Without science there would not be almost everything.

  • Science is true

    I think science is the best way that we have to know something, and the knowing is the essence of progress. Thanks to the science, we have got the most of the advances that we need to improve our existence and our future.
    We need the critical thinking and the doubt of the science to advance.

  • Parts of it certainly are.

    I'll admit that things such as "let's all use millions to make slightly faster racing cars" humanity could live (and in my opinion - do) without. However, I believe that considering everything that we consider "essential" in our modern lives only survive through science. Medicine, for example. Research into colonisation of, say, the Moon. We're increasing as a population - nothing'll stop that. I could even make a fairly strong case for the Internet being essential. (Whom else could I vent my anger out on? :D )

    People, I think; see science as lab research more than the world. But look at some chests of drawers with metal handles! The metal was put there through engineering but it was shaped and forged, mined etc... Through scientific research! Am I saying that chests of drawers are essential? No. But little things like this are absolutely essential to humanity when put together.

  • Science is essential for life

    Without science, we are just minuscule creatures living and dying without any purpose. Science is understanding what we are, where we are and why we are like we are! Everything we have achieved in the history of humanity is thanks to our curiosity. But you know what? Yes, curiosity is science!

  • For the way we live yes

    Science means knowledge. If you think almost everything man made has some kind of science related too it. Just some examples are computers, mobile phones, farming and housing. These are pretty much essential to life today. The growth of science put us where we are now, can you imagine life without it?

  • Definitely yes! What a stupid question

    Science explains almost everything. The dinosaurs, Space, Air, Gravity, Light, Sound, Why we are here, What things are made of, and helps us understand things better. Science has proved lots of theories such as Newtons three laws of motion. Science also helps us to understand creatures such as the magnificent sharks. Science is essential

  • Science is great, but not essential.

    Science has done wonders for the modern world, but there was a long period of time before science and the age of reason and logic. Faith, belief and speculation are much older practices, and humans are fully capable of surviving without knowing the how's and why's and explanations of the world. Science is an important part of humanity, but it is not essential to its existence.

  • Common Sense is Essential for Human and Not Science!

    If you are fat, you are bound to be ugly. And that's a statistical fact! You do not need science to tell you what to do. Or Definitely, you won't need a researcher to inform you that 80% of the population loves chocolate A. Science is a way of reassuring humans the conformist way of doing things. I have been couching for 25 years, and science had been a mere limiting factor that regulates athletes and spells death in the growth of most sports! Particularly in swimming and golf. It evolves to so many standard! So, stopped science and use common sense! We all loves KFC, and that's a fact! Plain and simple.

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