Is Science Fiction accurate in predicting possible futures?

Asked by: jgstorywriter
  • Yes, science fiction does actually tend to predict possible futures accurately.

    Just as jgstorywriter said, the Brave New World is a good example of certain things happening now-a-days and possibly may advance more like what's the book. Every one no longer sanctifies sex (orgy porgy) and drugs keep us 'happy' and 'calm'. Basically in an alternate state of mind/not in real world (Soma). Then there's the Terminator series and Eagle Eye, both of which show advance machines/robots that have their own conscience. If you look into the advancement of technology (for entertainment, war, etc.) you would be very shocked on how far technology has gone. There are even commercials, cartoons, movies and books that reveal bionic robots. Life like robots are being created to this day with synthetic blood, organs and so forth. Furthermore, there's movies like Splice. The name says it all. The movie is focused on two researchers (in a relationship) and a peculiar specie that was created from the DNA of some animal and the woman (one of the two researchers). In real life, scientists have been conducting experiments on animals to this day by splicing DNA. Science fiction has shown predictions and still do to this day. Which is one thing that really allures me to watch and read this genre.

  • On some Occasions, yes!

    I think that in some cases, it does predict a possible chance of that future. Such as Brave New World. We are currently heading along that path, using drugs and having sex constantly without thoughts on actual emotions. I mean, think about it. Personal helicopters, constant use of drugs, and sex becoming nothing more than daily conversation.

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