• Science is important

    Science is very important because everything that we use everyday involves science. If science isn't there many things that people depend on won't be there. For example tech. A lot of people depend on computers for their career. Every field in science ends up in every important way in a human's life.

  • Without science, I wouldn't even have this computer to type the headline here.

    I honestly can't think of a rationale, Good reason as to why someone would not find science important. The only people I can think of who would defy science as being important are people who either can't accept the reality of the world or people who want to keep the truth hidden. Science is what allows us to have the technologies we have today and it is always evolving. Science I would argue is naturally a part of our lives whether one wishes to acknowledge this or not. I don't even think this question should be up for debate.

  • I think science is very in our life!

    Science is part of all of our lives, Our building block life is also science. From a baby being born to it dying there is science every where. It is moving with you and making u move. Me writing my argument i am using science because i am using my brain to think which is a part of nervous system. I am chewing on my gummy belts it is also science because i can taste that it is sour using my taste buds and i swallow it from my mouth to the stomach via esophagus which is all a part of digestive system. My brothers legs bone broke it is skeletal system, Biology, Science. I am pushing the keys on my laptop to type and i am using force, Physics, Biology.

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