• Yes, it saves lives.

    Yes, science is important to study, because science improves our quality of life in such a profound way. Science has developed medicine. Even the science of hand washing has drastically improved how long we live. Science allows us to design building, to improve medicine, to make it possible to live in places where humans couldn't survive without technology. Science is awesome.

  • Well, this is a no-brainer :) The answer is, of course, YES!

    Science has a very important role to play in every aspect of our lives, our health, our general well-being, the technological advances we make which enable us to meet the challenges we face (I don't think I could come up with anything which does not benefit from dialogue with the natural sciences).

    I would even go as far as arguing that science, more than religion and philosophy, can help us understand how we fit into the grand scheme of things and thus help us to develop coping strategies. I don't say we do not need Art, Philosophy, Mathematics, History and so on, all the disciplines have something of value to contribute and serve to enrich our lives, but, if I was the Director of some school where funding was to be radically cut and I had to make some tough choices, I would fight for science to the bitter end and I would sacrifice other subjects.


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fractaldreams says2013-08-30T14:37:02.433
I forgot to say, in helping us to understand what we see, what we hear, what we touch, and so on, science has made a pretty good job of ridding us of silly superstitions and fears, to give you one example, a person who knew nothing of how clouds are formed, might spot a particularly striking and unusual lenticular cloud and be forgiven for thinking there's something supernatural or 'alien' going on. If, on the other hand, they have an understanding of natural phenomena and can, to a certain extent, be aware of what they can expect to see in certain circumstances, then, they are less likely to succumb to irrational fears, less likely to be taken advantadge of by those who happen to be in the know.

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