• Yes it is

    I would say that it is likely for many nations as well China but I can not say that I would be surprised if it were indeed China, given how intelligent they are and how far they have already come in the technological tree. It is hard to say for sure, but I would definitely say yes, China is a likely candidate.

  • Yes, it is focused on that.

    China does not give a lot of personal freedom to its people or to its students, and those who are allowed to study for higher education are almost forced to be good in math and science and not give too much thought to the humanities or arts so it is likely that China will achieve supremecy in science soon.

  • I Find It Likely

    I believe science supremacy is likely to happen for China. I believe China is evolving and moving forward and they certainly have some intelligent people in their community. I believe it is possible for China to overtake scientific studies and research, if they choose to fund these projects. That depends entirely on the funding they provide for the sciences.

  • They aren't cutting edge.

    No, science supremacy is not likely to happen for China, because that is not something that they invest a great deal of effort or money in. China has made the most strides in business in recent years, and they are becoming cutting edge in that regard. But science is not their forte.

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