Is scientific development good for world progress?

  • Science makes us live

    We all know survival of fittest i. E. The continued existence of organism which are best adapted to the environment,
    SCIENCE helps human beings to develop and adapt to this challenging disasters of the environment
    so to survive in this world scientific development is essential and good for the human beings and for the world

  • Yes, it makes us healthier.

    Yes, scientific development is good for world progress, because it makes people live longer and more safely. Scientific developments help make drinking water safe. They make medical care available to mothers and children. These are human rights issues more than any other. These scientific developments help people receive proper care and nutrition.

  • Science is the only way to understand reality and amend problems within it

    Scientific development is the backbone of society and the backbone of any means of addressing any issues we have in the real world, whether they be medical, political and economical, or otherwise. The reason human civilization has really kickstarted and become ever more dominant and flourishing in the past few hundred years is due to scientific progress.

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