Is scientific research in areas such as fetal stem cells and genetic engineering unethical?

  • Yes, It is.

    You don't create someone just to immediately kill them so that you may or may not have a few more years to live.

    You don't do that to live in a world that also complains of things like big pharma, Overextended life expectancy, Superviruses, And overpopulation.

    You certainly don't do something like that on a mass scale.

  • No, I think its just fine

    Its a key component of what we need to look for in the future. The stem cell growth through this kinds of research can cure many different issues we face today. The future shouldn't be hampered by the past, we need to move forward and start our research now. We are not the only country looking into this.

  • Scientific research is vital for our survival.

    There are many conflicting views on the ethical side of stem cell research but when it comes down to it, God would not have given us brilliant minds motivated to save lives with stem cell research. Every living thing has a purpose and maybe things that have once been alive have a purpose. stem cell research has saved many lives and i cant wait to see what this research has in store for our future.

  • No, I don't think scientific research in areas such as fetal stem cells and genetic engineering is unethical.

    I think that while these fields of science continue to be very controversial I think that overall these are vital areas to be researched and developed, I don't see that much unethical about them and I think the health and medical benefits that people can receive from research in this area will do much good for humanity.

  • It is very ethical

    As long as not living humans are being forced to be the test subjects in genetic engineering, there should be no problem conducting research into methods that can promote human health and well being. These advancements could create significant solutions to major problems that all humans face today. The value is great.

  • No, not at all.

    I think this is actually a very ethical practice, because we are using material that would not otherwise be used, and turning into something that can potentially save lives and probably eventually will. This is a good thing. How it could ever be considered unethical is way beyond me and I will never understand it.

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