• It's completely ethical.

    Yes, I see nothing unethical about using animals for scientific research. The number of animals used in such studies is actually quite small. The majority of scientific research done with those animals is regarding behavioral issues, and do not include any drugs or chemicals whatsoever. In cases where they do, I believe it's still ethical. Human life is more valuable than animal life.

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  • Yes It Is

    I believe scientific research on animals is ethical. Animals are lower on the food chain than humans and they are available for our needs, rather that be for food or experiments. I realize a lot of people do not like this however the alternative is direct human testing and I don't think that is a viable option.

  • Some scientific research on animals is ethical.

    Although it is never preferable to use animals for scientific research. It is simply too dangerous to test some medical processes or procedures on humans. It is, therefore, preferable to use animal subjects in some situations as opposed to human ones. In doing so, the risk for humans is minimalized.

  • The benefit still outweighs the negatives.

    I think that until there is a viable alternative available, scientific research on animals is still ethical. Animals do suffer and die because of it, but animals also suffer and die in the wild. Once a discovery has been made through such research, the findings exist for ever, and may save untold human lives for the rest of human existence. Not attempting to save human life is far more unethical than animal research.

  • Mostly not worth it. All life is valuable

    It isn't fair to say that these animals are lower than we are. I've heard of a simulator that can give accurate results within a few days rather than conventional animal testing which needs months and a lot of animals. Sometimes animal testing is necessary for research, But there is a department ensuring that they can be comforted and given proper care. I don't - and never will - believe that humans are the only sentient creatures on earth. I believe that regulations on animal testing should be much stricter, If it is allowed at all. Lab rats are pumped full of chemicals and subjugated to perform tasks that scare them or drive them insane. Rabbits are tested for makeup and can often have infections in their eyes because of that. If animal testing isn't banned, I believe there should be some human volunteers.

  • While it is, in theory, ethical, the way we are misusing it, simply is not.

    The first scientific test on an animal was done by cutting the body of a stray (and awake) dog to see how the lungs worked, and the man who performed the test said that what he did was cruel, unethical, and that it is unnessecary for such things to be repeated. Unfortunately, we didn't listen, and continue to do this to dogs, rabbits, rats, and even monkeys. Often, the testing can be avoided (Thanks to computers, donated bodies, already euthanized animals from shelters, and common sense. While there are some tests where it might be necessecary to perform on animals first, the majority of the time, the testing we perform on animals are unnessecary unethical, and inhuman.

  • Absolutely Not Ethical

    I would like to know how humans would feel to be locked in a lab being exposed to unthinkable horrors for the sake of knowledge. What makes animal lives o insignificant that they , who have never done anything to harm us , deserve this cruelty. It is of the upmost indecency

  • Scientific research on animals is not ethical.

    Scientific research on animals is not ethical. With all of the technology that we have available today we should not be having to conduct research on animals in labs. It is wrong to continue to have to test and mistreat our animals for the purpose of products that we place on the market.

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