• If people can follow Wicca, Then they also have the right to follow Scientology

    Scientology sprang up around the same time in which Wicca did, And in fact, Both L. Ron Hubbard and Gerald B. Gardner (the founder of Wicca)were followers of Alistair Crowley. People are free to belong to which ever religion that they choose to, And that includes Scientology. While it is not for myself, I would not oppose others from following it, If they so choose to.

  • It is just a ploy to steal from rich celebrities

    There is a documentary about people who used to be involved in scientology. After they decided to leave there were people constantly following them and spying on them. Now, I'm not saying that you can't believe in scientology. I just don't believe that it is authentic. I really don't even consider it a religion. Truth is, I think that this entire "religion" if you could call it that is very corrupt and fradulent.

  • No, It is not

    Scientology is like science, Minus all the facts and evidence that makes it a logical and believable ideology. It can't even pass for a pseudo-science, As it is also deemed as a form of religion by its believers. Overall it is definitely not authentic and is a club for people to donate money to false prophets and 'scientists'.

  • It's Such A Scam

    L. Ron Hubbard is lucky to live in a world with such gullible people who prefer to give money to him so he can buy golden toilet seats than to their starving babies. Still, You have to look at the facts: there is no proof. They have absolutely no evidence to support their claims. Nothing.

    Scientology can't even say like the other religions do "We've existed for thousands of years so there must be a reason" because it was made, What, Thirty years ago at best? I mean seriously, What kind of foolish person believes that we exist because a galactic lord names Xenu dumped us on Earth to deal with overpopulation

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