Is Scott Darling the biggest reason the Blackhawks are winning the series?

  • Scott Darling carried the Blackhawks to a series win

    In the playoffs, you need a great goalie. Darling has been that for the Blackhawks, carrying them to wins in games 1 and 4. In game 1, Nashville lead 3-0. Scott Darling then comes in and stops 42 shots to carrying them to an overtime win. In game 4 he made over 45 shots to lead them to another overtime win.

  • He's the goalie, so his success means the team's success.

    Scott Darling has a 1.05 GAA and .969 save percentage in the Blackhawk's three playoff games, so yes, he is pretty much leading the way to their win in the series. When the goalie is so solid like that, plus inspiring the crowds, a team is destined to do well.

  • Yes, Scott Darling is the main reason why the Blackhawks are winning the series.

    For every team to win there must be team effort. Though the win by Blackhawks could be accredited to team effort, Scott Darling contributed to the win in a big way. He made not just one or two saves but rather a massive 35 saves which contributed in a major way towards the Blackhawks winning the series.

  • Scott Darling is not the key to the Blackhawk's success

    Scott Darlling is a fine athlete. However the Blackhawks have a decades old tradition of great success as a hockey team. They have a tradition of a deep quality of athletes and of athletic success. The success of the Blackhawks is not due to merely one outstanding athlete. It is rather due to a long history of wise leadership.

  • What about team effort?

    It is always wrong to assume that any individual is the root cause for any team to perform in relation solely to a single player's efforts. That would definitely put the "I" in team now wouldn't it! It may perhaps be fair to recognize this players efforts as a major contribution to the team however.

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