• It actually is...

    Its a sub-genre of emo and metal/ rock.Its a amazing music chose for new listeners. I encurage everyone to listion to it at least once. I would also liker to point out that music is anything with a beat or rythem. So, I don't know what you posers are thinking.

  • No they just scream...

    Is rap music demonic ? Is classical music demonic ? Is religious music demonic ?
    The answer for all is no, unless the artist deliberately wanted to make their music demonic.

    Screamo is just a sub-genre of rock (I think...) that has a lot more screaming? Than other genres. There is no inherent 'demonism' in it all.

  • No, music is a medium, not a message.

    Music is a medium, not a message. Although I think specific songs can be "demonic" in the sense that they promote pseudo or perhaps real satanism, most metalcore (which is what Bring Me The Horizon is, not screamo) is not centered on these themes.

    It would be interesting to ask your mother if "Awaken" by Wolves At The Gate is demonic. The lyrics read:

    "How can I question your power? For where was I when you laid the earth in that time and hour?
    How can I question your might? When even angels bow down to you and kneel at your sight?
    When men cast their doubt upon your name
    You are unchanging, still the immutable God
    When nations rage against your throne
    You are unchanging, still the immutable God"

    Alternatively, ask her if singing a Bible verse screamo-style would make that verse evil.

  • How can screaming be demonic

    So many parents think bands like bmth are demonic because they scream personally I think its about what that band are singing not how they are singing it. I understand my mums point of view because songs like chelseas smile are pretty demonic as a Chelsea smile is when yourcut from ear to ear so I just wondered other peoples opinions thanks Emma :}

  • They have a meaning

    Most scream music isn't demonic, they have meaning behind them. If you listen to Black Veil Brides 5th album it isn't demonic at all. Andy sings about religion, about god. They have a meaning, their are meanings about life its lessons they learned. They sing their hearts out and all of their emotions into songs, and they sing the words most people are afraid to say. Pierce The Veil, Vic Fuentes sings the words "Darling you'll be okay" and "I don't ever wanna lose my best friend". That isn't anywhere near demonic they are singing feelings, their feelings, and peoples feelings. Sleeping with Sirens sings about love "Stay for tonight if you want to I can show you what my dreams are made of". Non of them are demonic its meanings and life lessons and fellings done by a certain type of singing, they way the artist want to.

  • How is it demonic...

    They scream. They scream lyrics. Heck, sometimes they sing along with screaming too. They're no more demonic than classical music and jazz. I mean, there's Christian bands under metal sub genres. Are they demonic for screaming? Even if the bands fully believe in God (or a god) are they demonic for choosing a different style to present themselves?

  • There is no evidence proving it is...

    What does demonic mean? That the devil, demons and monsters endorse and listen to this type of music? Or that this music advocates for us to summon demons or something of that sort? If you think anything is demonic or possessed you need to get your head checked, screamo is just a music style.

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abyteofbrain says2014-01-12T22:05:11.793
Some of it is; it completely depends on what's being said.