• I feel he tells it like it is.

    He states facts not opinions. Journalist are no longer journalist there opinions get in the way. Truthful news is something of the pasts because personal ideological opinions get in the way. Well opinions are like rear ends and guess what we all have one. Just because you say it doesn't make it so.

  • Yes, he tells the truth like he sees it.

    Yes, Sean Hannity is a fair and honest reporter, because he does not distort the truth as he sees it. Hannity is credible, and able to connect with his audience. He has a working class background, and that resonates with a lot of people. He reports truth, along with his commentary. He is a fair reporter.

  • Just An Entertainer

    He is just an entertainer. No fact and credibility on his show, Tells anything that fits on trump propaganda. He is not a journalist nor a political reporter. . He is just a conservative commentator. . Sometimes I watch his show just for an entertainment whenever I get bored. . Way to go hannity

  • Half truth king

    Hannity is always using only tells half if the facts when he talks he oicks and chooses facts he leaves out any facts that don't suppost bis rants. Remember the nunnes report he talked like he knew some big secerts and that when they came out people were goung to jail and mueller would stop the investagatiin. This is just one of his scams Hes not a reporter so he can say anything he wants without any proof its just his opion.

  • No Sean Hannity is not a journalist he is a shock Jock.

    He is a glorified talk show host. The Fox Station should take news out of their name. Facts don’t matter to him he has a base and just like Trump that is who he plays to. The country is so divided and Fox is a big part of that. It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better I hope for great things from this country. Sean is a cancer.

  • Not at all truthful

    Fox news was built off the us vs them mentality. Sean Hannity is the worst of this. The mantra that conservatives are misunderstood and that there is a biased against them is exactly what sean hannity has built his brand on. In reality the conservative agenda is not that popular as a whole. Conservatives have to lie and try to tear down all the institutions that go against their narrative. Sean hannity is the bullhorn for this. In order for his agenda to pass everything in the way has to go. This is why they will do anything to defend a morally bankrupt man in Donald Trump, because they think he is the best hope for their pro theocracy, pro unlimited gun, pro hatred against anyone who does not agree with them agenda. The term "fake news" is promoted by Hannity to discredit anyone who fact checks him, or tries to expose a President that lies constantly, is clearly trying to obstruct a probe that may bring to light criminality within his administration. The hypocrisy is that Hannity wanted Hillary prosecuted for crimes un proven, yet passes on the clear evidence that comes out everyday against this President and his staff. Is Sean Hannity honest? Not a chance! You can have an opinion, not your on facts.

  • Sean Hannity is a political Hack

    He is Donald Trump's propaganda machine. He spins the facts and his arguments have more holes than swiss cheese. He seems obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Maybe he should report the truth once in a while on his buddy Donald Trump. He has zero credibility. Just refer to the Seth Rich Conspiracy story. Fake News.

  • Hannity is Just Trump Propaganda

    If Sean and his best bud The Donald have their way, the U.S,. Would be an Autocracy. Putin pulls Trumps strings and Trump pulls
    Hannitys. It's a great puppet show. All you have to do to destroy a government is to eradicate free speeech, call all other media fake news and keep the people divided so they can't see what you are really up to. We've got to fact check everything, and when we begin seeing the truth, we will all be united again. Dont let them get away with the lies and Hannity is second only to Trump and Bannon.

  • No, he contradicts himself all the time,

    No, he contradicts himself all the time, just watch previous videos of the time of the Obama administration about the Patriot Act and also see the interview he does to Edward Snowden. Still, just look at the so exaggerated way he defends President Trump, it is not normal for a good journalist to behave that way.

  • No, most certainly not.

    He is a joke. Anyone that would take him seriously has to have their head in the sand. He was always somewhat biased. With Trump it is just embarrassing that anyone could listen to him and take him seriously. Is Sean a good debater? Yes, I will give him that. But just because he is a good debater does not make him fair and honest. He distorts information about those he does not like or does not agree with. He embellishes information about those that he likes and/or disagrees with. He is not a seeker of the truth. He is a seeker of his truth and his partisan leanings. There is so much denial going on here. I can't believe he takes himself seriously. If he represents what is good about the United States of American today we are in real trouble. He is as some will say Russia TV for Donald Trump. He has lost all objectivity. When another reporter from his conservative point of view disputes and speaks truthfully about the current Protus, Sean seeks to discredit them and speaks ill of them. Those folks that are regular listeners need to sit up and pay attention to his nonsense that is contributing to the incivility we have today in politics in American. We have a lot more in common in many cases than what we may disagree on but we may never find our way to be able to truly listen to one another when we have TV personalities such as Sean Hannity spreading their gospel of exaggeration, manipulation of facts, and embellishment, and denial about our present political situation. God help us from this mean spirited, unrelenting speaker sowing daily seeds of disharmony.

  • He's not a reporter he's a partisan commentator

    Sean is not a reporter he's a partisan commentator who crafts a narrative to fit his and his audiences beliefs. He is deceptive in what information he includes and what he omits often employing spin tactics to deflect and avoid. He will refute and deny accusations that were not actually made instead of actually addressing questions or issues at hand. He also frequently perpetuates unfounded storylines and conspiratorial motives. His tactics often result in hipocritical positions which he glosses over and actively ignores (most politicians do this). Sean also spurs the combative nature of the current two party systems and sees those with differing views as a hostile opposition that aims to destroy the republic. If you have any sense of skepticism you will realize many of these traits.

  • Propaganitty nowhere near credible or unbiased

    The guy is a walking, talking spin machine and conservative apologist. He appears unbiased by entertaining people with varied viewpoints, then blasts them with his agenda and prepared talking points. Also, the guy is clearly not being honest with how he presents the "facts." He is good at what he does, I will give him that, but has zero credibility.

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