• Let's give everyone access

    Why not just post on the internet all the nuclear silo codes, troop movements, operatives identities, witness protection program details etc. etc. I am not saying it has not gotten out of control and that the whole national security scape goat has not been beaten to death, but yes there are certain things that need to be with held from the public.

  • Secrecy is an essential government quality

    It is my opinion that secrecy is essential to allow the government to function. I feel that a number of issues are better dealt with in secret to insure the safety of our country, and these issues would only create unnecessary strife in the American public. Not all government actions require public approval.

  • Yes, secrecy is essential in order to allow government to function.

    I think that some secrecy is essential in order to allow some governments like the United States of America to function. While the citizens have the right to know some aspects of the government, it is also important that a government can keep some things a secret to protect the people.

  • To A Degree

    I believe secrecy is essential in order for a government to function. I think the US government use to follow a schedule to release documents after a certain amount of time, but now they black out large amounts of those documents after their release. I think that voids the release and makes it pointless. The US government is being far too secretive, beyond what is necessary.

  • Ofcourse secrecy should be there...!!!

    To allow government to function properly there should be secrecy. Because not all information can be shared by everybody. Government has to take decision which are for the sake of country.There are some informations which if leaked to other countries then it may cause the problems in the country.Information regarding defence of the country cannot be shared with everyone because this is all confidential.So there should be some secrecy in order to function properly.

  • No: Secrecy is Not Essential in Order for Government to Function

    Governments can be small, direct, and tribal, or they can be large, bureaucratic, and national. The form of government we currently have is large and relies on secrecy. This trait, among many others, will be its undoing. The NSA spying is not an issue that can be resolved, and it is something most people would rather ignore, or pretend is being fixed. There is no way to legitimately trust what is going on behind closed doors in your interest, especially when those who are making those decisions regularly lie, manipulate, and kill. Such a system will ultimately destroy itself. As such, secrecy, especially taken to its current level, is a hallmark of system festering with paranoia, corruption, and abuse of power, and ultimately it will destroy itself.

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