• I believe that security is the endpoint to our goals

    I believe security is the ultimate goal of humanity, not just from criminals and war mind you, but with ourselves (mind and health) and with others and our needs. Everyone wants to be secure in their own thoughts, feelings and their surroundings. However, the thing is that freedom is essential to creating security. I believe that all dictatorships will fail to bring ultimate security to their populace. Many have tried, but they ultimately end up failing to address issues which cause insecurities.

    I believe freedom is the best tool we have to maximize our security. This is why I believe that a well-planned democracy is the best system, and that stripping people of freedom can lead to problems in the long run.

  • Freedom is the only thing that must remain secure.

    Freedom of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to defend those rights are the only real security we have. The words written into our constitution and bill of rights are what set aside from every other country on the planet. The idea that we the people are in charge of our destiny and not at the will of some overbearing pseudo parental figures governing our everyday lives, is the foundation of our country.

    As we continue to relinquish our rights (not given, but guaranteed by the constitution) for a false sense of security, we also relinquish a part of what makes this country great. We give up a part of who we are as humans and as a people. Our free will is not something that should be bargained with, it should never be on the table. And nobody can legally take these freedoms from us. The politicians know this. They rely on convincing us that these freedoms are “outdated” and “in-needed.” Because convincing the people of the United States to give up our own rights is the only way to remove them legally.

    After they have been nullified, we will be no safer than before, but left with less means of self defense and less free will. The American dream will truly be dead once the foundation of who we are as a country and as a people has been eroded beyond repair.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

  • No, security is everyone's job

    Placing laws in effect that limit freedoms, but increase security is foolish. It is a sign of a weak population. A population that is willing to give up their freedoms for a false sense of security is one that has no backbone. Freedom is the cornerstone of being an American citizen.

  • Freedom is more important than security.

    Freedom is something that we all strive for, or should. Without freedom there is little to keep secure. Our freedom should be what we fight to keep secure, and the basis of morals and laws. Laws against murder, rape, stealing, and so on come from the ideas of protecting others basic human rights. Basic human rights are the foundations of freedom.

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