• Absolutely they are

    As a feminist, I speak for all women. We are tired of being treated like dainty princesses stuck in towers waiting for our men to come and save us! We need more games where men need help from women, and we have the choice to let them die in the tower for being a male. I feel like Sega has the balls to do something like that, while Nintendo is just being a pussy and keeping us women locked in cages.

  • My Opinion doesn't matter

    My opinion doesn't matter I wanna hear it from you guys, I gotta paper to write. I grew up on sonic/ Sega more than Mario. To be honest I'm a casual gamer I just like going into my chao garden and I like the mini 'Games' like that in a Sonic game.

  • For my personal opinion

    As a young kid I definitely remember when the Super NES came out. It was at one of my friend’s birthday back in 1991 when he got the Super NES, Along with Super Mario World as his birthday gift from his parents. The box was immediately opened with the nicely-designed console soon to be setup. We each took our turns to play Mario World, And there I thought it was cool!

    I loved the graphics, The game played nicely, And I was going to slip that Idea to my folks for my upcoming birthday present. I liked playing the new Mario game, Keeping up my smile and just saying: Okay! This is the new Super Mario game.

    Then I learned that a few more of my friends had gotten their Super NES, Making me feel slightly envious, But actually knowing that I didn’t have the need for one.

    But one day, It was not until I went to one of my cousin’s house that I saw he had a Sega Genesis. I had heard many times about Sega, Seeing the TV commercials, Printed publicity, And especially Sonic the Hedgehog.

    My cousin told me that he had got his Sega Genesis, With the first game of Sonic the Hedgehog included in the box, For his birthday. He offered me to give it a try. That was when I first played Sonic. Boy, What a blast! Not only I liked playing the game. I loved it! The character, The speed and the colorful graphics made me an immediate fan of the Sega Genesis.

    Unfortunately, I never got one back then. But I played Sega with my cousin every time I went to his house, Mainly on Sundays when we went to visit my Italian grandparents. The good old days. Good old blasting fun!

  • It depends on what you like

    For me its Sonic and I enjoy playing it and had fun with it. I didn't
    really play Mario that much because I had a slight disinterest towards it but knowing all of the people on the no side are obviously Mario fans and we know its more of them than us so I'm not gonna say which is better because you know my answer already so I'll just say it depends on what you find more interesting.

  • Lol no because. . . . .

    Sega turns your children either a furry or a idiot. Maybe Nintendo is not that great but its much better than Sega! I'd rather childrens play Nintendo games than Sega games.
    Oh also the fanbase of sonic. . . It's definitely cancer. It has every shit in there. Like shipping, Character etc. Wars. It's like Syrian Civil War but in the internet. They turn children into a furry or a braindead idiot.

  • Ah heck no!

    I'm not being biased or anything, but Nintendo's games are much better than Sega's. Let's compare two games, Mario Odyssey, and Sonic Forces. Mario Odyssey is beautiful and fun platformer, while Sonic Forces is just bad. The game has lost potential, it's gimmick was dumb, and the game wasn't as good compared to Odyssey. I don't hate Sonic, I love Sonic Rush and Sonic Colors, but comparing the two, Nintendo is better.

  • Really. Think about it

    List all the good sonic games within from 2000-now. Now do the smae for mario games, Or for nintendo games in general. While there may be some weaker nintendo titles here and there, Even a the worst nintendo game recently is far better than the worst sonic game (sonic 06)

  • Sega can't do anything as cool as Nintendo

    Sega is just lazy while Nintendo is making a theme park for very universal studios. Like look at Sonic Forces that's a 3 hour game and woohoo we have classic sonic do we really need him oh wait he gives Sega the money. Like come on Sega make some cool new characters than using the same ones.

  • SEGA isn’t superior

    Which did better?
    Sonic 06 - New Super Mario Bros = New Super Mario Bros
    Sonic and the Secret Rings - Super Mario Galaxy = Super Mario Galaxy (which was acclaimed by critics)
    Sonic Unleashed - Mario Kart Wii = Mario Kart Wii
    Sonic and the Black Knight - Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story = Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
    Sonic Colors - Super Mario Galaxy 2 = Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Both were critically acclaimed but SMO2 was a 10/10 game)
    Sonic Generations - Super Mario 3D Land = Sonic Generations (only ONE victory so far)
    Sonic Lost World - Super Mario 3D World = Super Mario 3D World
    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - Mario Kart 8 = Mario Kart 8 (Without any hesitation >. <)
    Sonic Runners (which ended up cancelled) - Super Mario Maker = Super Mario Maker
    Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice - Paper Mario Color Splash = Paper Mario Color Splash
    Sonic Forces - Super Mario Odyssey = Super Mario Odyssey (Also without any hesitation)
    So which company did better?
    SEGA will probably be the answer because Sonic fans only like Sonic games because it's SONIC. It doesn't matter if the Sonic game is full of glitches or has extreme lag, It's still better than a 10/10 Mario game.

  • Nintendo is better.

    Nintendo has better support than Sega. Like, A lot better. A lot of series from Nintendo are very well recognized. Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby. . . I could go on for days here. Sega. . . . They have Sonic, And even half of those games aren’t good.

    Also, Nintendo won’t go bankrupt, Because Sega does what Nintendon’t.

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