Is "Seinfeld" a fantasy land i.e. do people actually even say half the things the gang on this show does?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes, people say the things on the show.

    Yes, people actually say have the things that the gangs on the show does, because Seinfeld had a big influence on culture. If people did not say those things before the show was a hit, they did after. Seinfeld was a comedic reflection of caricatures of our time, but they were realistic caricatures nonetheless.

  • For your answer

    Choose yes for fantasy land, no for otherwise. I wanna see if you guys think that about "Seinfeld." I don't know. This show just gets a little weird that I can't help but wonder if this show is realistic or just bizarre and unrealistic. LMFAO. In a good way though.

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