• Master of its Domain

    I had to think long and hard before picking my favorite comedy. " Seinfeld" brings out the basic absurdities of every day life when you least expect it. And interestingly enough i know people whose characteristics are like each one of them. I laugh so hard at almost every episode!

  • Best I've ever seen.

    I've been watching sitcoms since the Honeymooners. Seinfeld was so brilliant, so clever, the lines found their way into the lexicon of pop culture. Eschewed traditional sitcom tropes - Let's do a whole show where we're just waiting in line...! Only Seinfeld could pull that off. Jerry, Larry David = genius.

  • Fuck yeah it is

    I love Friends but Seinfeld and co. Is much better. Because the characters are jerks, no sentimentality and unlike other sitcoms just just got better season by season. Who can forget the master of your domain, the soup Nazi, backwards episode, the pony episode, and the. Man hands one. This show is a classic. Fets better.Every rewatch from s2 to s9

  • No doubt the greatest

    Seinfeld appealed to every person no matter where you came from. There are sertainly other sitcoms that are funny and I laugh at all of them because I love to laugh. Cheers, All in the Faimly, Friends are all great shows and there's no doubt about it but Seinfeld is on a different level. They did it like no one else had done before or has ever done before. "Show about Nothing", what can top that? Most clever show of all time.

  • It is a no SHIT show

    There is no hugging, no crying or any of that shit which happens often in other shows particularly in Friends. Yes, Friends is good but it is not that funny. It relies more on situational humour whereas anything and everything in Seinfeld is only for humour whether it is even a character apologizing (even though the character doesn't want to but had to) or George ending up in trouble which is really funny because in Friends and other shows it is like the character says that she or he is in trouble, everybody laughs and then everybody is like "Don't worry! I'll help you!" And then there's crying and the stupid relationships like Ross and Rachel. Other shows like Friends show the characters that are smart and good looking with high morale where the guy always gets the girl and you know it from the beginning; so you literally watch a show like Friends (the best sitcom AFTER Seinfeld) with ten seasons knowing what the end is. Seinfeld is pure, pure, pure laughter.

  • The best show indeed!

    The reason why Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever is because it was a new way of entertaining - a way that didn't belittle the audience, or felt the need to teach the viewers any morals or give into the happy ending format. The characters remained stagnant, they always failed and the little things they obsessed about became hysterical.

    I think the reason why Seinfeld resonated so tremendously with the audience was because it made use feel better about ourselves. In life there are few long-lived happy endings, most of us remain stubborn and principles even against better judgment and we tend to be more concerned about small things than the big picture. It the glorious, wondrous nature of life and Seinfeld captured that so beautifully!

  • I believe it is

    There are many or at least some other comedies as funny as Seinfeld. Yet, what makes Seinfeld the best, is the awesome level of obersvation of human behavior. With absurd yet very clever statements, they express our childish prejudice to do anything in life and that we deny as adults. They create simple lines that just fits as "Oh, my God, it's true" I don't know if I can explain myself.
    Anyway... Funny are many, but this clever not so much.

  • Without a doubt

    This is one of those things you should just know after watching the show because It is something the viewer can just sense. The stories are brilliant and the characters memorable. Seinfeld has the most re-watchability of any television show ever as evidenced by the fact that it's still on for 1.5 hours per day 16 years later. Seinfeld will remain the best sitcom of all time forever and eventually even the naysayers will agree.

  • Seinfeld is great

    Probably the best sitcom there is. Really funny, relatable, and talks about real life issues and things we all experience. It's realistic, people are really as cheap, rude and gossips as they express in Seinfeld. Seinfeld is by far the best sitcom to have ever existed, honestly. I don't see why this is even an argument.

  • Many do consider 'Seinfeld' the best sitcom ever

    While this is mostly and opinion, I would have to agree that Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever. Seinfeld was so hugely successful in it's time that it is still aired today. Not to mention the die-hard Seinfeld fans out there that will argue endlessly that Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever. It has some competition, but that competition generally targets a more limited audience, saved by the bell, friends, happy days, they all have a large audience, but not on the level of Seinfeld. Seinfeld appears to people of all ages, genders, races, and takes place in NYC, which we all love. NYC is the cultural capital of the USA, and so the best sitcom ever, Seinfeld, was filmed there, and everyone understands and relates to its New York, apartment, theme and its flurry of New Yorkers. Seinfeld is the best sitcom ever.

  • Friends is Better

    Seinfeld may be a great comedy, but it just is not funnier than friends. The cast in friends has better chemistry, they have better plot lines, and it sticks better that Seinfeld does. Friends develops better, more relatable characters than Seinfeld does and In my opinion os funnier.

    P.S. Seinfeld had an awful finale.

  • No

    No I do not think Seinfeld was the best sitcom ever. While it may have been a very popular show, and very funny, there are many others out there, past and present, that are just as funny and popular. There are some that re probably funnier and have an even bigger following than Seinfeld.

  • No

    There are many other things that are just as funny if not funnier than Seinfeld. Just because one person thinks or believes that Seinfeld is the funniest sitcom ever just isn't true. It is basically a big generalization. I am not saying that it is not funny, because it is, but to say that it is the best ever is a little out there.

  • It is a great show, but not the best.

    Friends is the best overall, Seinfeld is a great show indeed, but Friends was just better, better chemistry between the actors, funnier, that's not saying much because Seinfeld is also great, it is actually my second favorite show of all time, but Friends is and will always be the best example of a sitcom.

  • Great sitcom, but Friends is the best overall.

    Seinfeld is my second favorite show ever, but Friends takes the cake as the greatest sitcom of all time, no other show had such a impact with the audience as Friends, please don´t hate on me Seinfeld fans, which i´m actually one myself, but Friends was just the best overall.

  • Friends is much better

    I mean who are we kidding friends is The best sitcom ever. Still to this day people of all ages relate to it specially the teenagers and young adults, meaning that it will stay relevant for years to come. On the other hand most Seinfeld fans are adults in their 30's or older and it's no longer relevant. Just think about how many friends reference you hear on a daily basis compared to seinfield references

  • Way Too American For My Tastes

    It's too American for me, as a brit I find shows like Black Books, Father Ted ,Blackadder, Only Fools and Horses, Red Dwarf, The Young Ones, Monty Pythons Flying Circus so much funnier. As for American shows Malcolm In the Middle and My Name Is Earl are so much more inventive and funny than this mediorcre piece of crap. Just my Two pence

  • A little presumptuous, don't you think?

    No doubt that Seinfeld is one of the most funniest shows ever. I crack up laughing ever time I see each episode. Its comedic timing is impeccable. The characters are hilarious; each one is unique and memorable. The writers seem to invent new episodes of laughter that is bound to keep in you in stitches with each one. That being said, to say that it is the absolutely number one best comic shows of all time is being a little presumptuous. Yes, it does cross all races and cultural audiences, but when you start to compare over sixties years of the best comic TV shows in America, it is virtual impossible that one is the best of all times. People who vote for their favorite shows do so on personal preferences and most likely many are influence by generational discrimination. If we were to breakdown the polling by race, age and gender, we will find that one group overwhelmingly voted for Seinfeld & company. It would have been much fairer to have narrowed down the voting to the top 20 of all time; in that way, everyone would have gotten their chance to vote for their favorite all time comedic shows.

    Seaw (2015 1 23)

  • Generational Decision now Moot

    Seinfeld is a great show, for sure top 5 of sitcoms all-time. However, as we age away from the generation that enjoyed it, I feel it will fall from the top rank, especially as other shows come. The animated shows can't be discounted. Simpsons and Southpark challenge for best comedy show. Does it matter if the shows are live-action anymore?

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