• There are many reasons why Selena is a great role model!

    1) She worships God. She sings with Hillsong and has even written her own worship song dedicated to God. It is called, 'Nobody' from her album, Revival. She also sang several other worship as she was on her Revival tour 2016. Gomez listens to worship songs every morning when she feels weird or whenever she feels lonely. She states a statement supporting this on tour.
    2) She is an ambassador for UNICEF. Selena LOVES to visit children who are in need!
    3) She visits children in the hospital.
    4) Selena loves every fan, no matter who they are.
    5) Selena believes in women/girl empowerment. She has been making speeches at We Day for a couple of years now. So many people support her that she even won the Woman of the Year award 2017 for Billboard!
    6) She really cares about her friends and her family. Selena recently had a kidney transplant in 2017, and her best friend Francia Raisa, donated her kidney to Selena. Selena is so THANKFUL for Francia. (She even mentions her in her Woman of the Year Speech.) Selena also cares deeply for her bestie, Taylor Swift. As you Selena Gomez instagram nutcases know, Selena ALWAYS recognizes her mom for almost everything! (As well as constantly changing her profile picture to a pic of her mom!)

  • Yes she is a great role model.

    She is a great person who cars about her family and us too that's is why she is doing all of this for us and if you haters don't know that then you have to get to know her better cause she a great role model who cares about people mostly her family so please get to know more about her then think about it before you something bad about her please I really care about her!!!!

  • I think she is a good role model.

    And I think she is because she is so talented and supportive and a very good person when you get to know and read more about her she cares about her family and also us she is mostly doing all of this for us and I really mean she looks like a great person that cares about people.

  • Yes, she shows people who she is

    Her song "Who Says" is an extremely motivating song showing that everyone is beautiful in their own way. She believes in herself and people's statements and comments doesn't matter to her.
    She cares about her fans to death, and manages to be herself while still keeping her younger fans in mind. Her songs are catchy and age-appropriate and none of them had to be banned.

  • She is the best. She is the greastest singer and role model there could ever be.

    She has a beautiful voice. She is beautiful and amazing. She believes in herself and peoples starements and comments doesn't matter to her. I wish she doesn't suffer from people's mean comments and justin bieber. I don't like him but his songs are good, some. I love Selena Gomez. I wish to be like her.

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    You got the face and a little bit of the ass tho but the chess fix that a little bit. Fix that and ima give you something that you cant remember you know that one thing every need yes it is that long pause you know i mean number naw fam call -6-666-666-6666

  • Unlike most celebrities, she is actually one of the few that deserve admiration

    She cares about her fans to death, and manages to be herself while still keeping her younger fans in mind. Her songs are catchy and age-appropriate and none of them had to be banned. At most, her songs were slightly risqué like Birthday, but none of them are as bad as Wrecking Ball or Anaconda. She respects her body and is trying to quit her occasional smoking. There haven't been reports of her being mean to fans, and she doesn't try to sell sex. She inspires people to be themselves, and she shows us that she is more than just Bieber's ex. She's stayed grounded and humble and didn't let fame get to her head. She dresses appropriately, and keeps her natural looks instead of trying to be freaky and unnatural. #proudselenator

  • Yes I do

    I think she is a good role model because she has the courage to act sing a make everyone laugh so that is why I think seen a gomez is an absolutely fantastic road mode for kids and for ground up that is my honest opinion for 'is seen a gomez a good role model '

  • She helps animals

    She once donated $17,000 dollars to stray animal. She even said to her mom ''I wish I had more time to help animals." Even though "hands to myself" is really inappropriate, she is good. Selena Gomez is a good role model for people of all genders and ages. GO SELENA!!!!!!!

  • She is one of the few celebs left who are worthy of admiration

    Although her "hands to myself" does portray a different image to young girls and boys, she is still an amazing role-model. She is there for her fans and displays genuine love. She inspires you to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams cause they do come true. Her song "Who Says" is an extremely motivating song showing that everyone is beautiful in their own way. She is also is drop-dead gorgeous.
    Im not saying she is the best role-model out there (to me, she is)
    but nevertheless she is a great role-model for many people of different genders and ages out there.

  • She is pervert like miley cyrus.

    She does nude scandals,wearing the shit exposing her boobs,her twat and her revival album cover she is naked and hands to myself is fucking disgusting,she is a fucking bitch,slit,shithead,DON'tBE LIKE HER!She is no different from lady gaga,miley cyrus,she is just a disgusting whore whose footsteps are not worth following !

  • Never in a million year

    She is not good role model at all.She doesn't own any talents .Her music is literally horrible though her acting is not superior. She is famous because of Justin bieber.She even broke friendship with demmi because of the stardom. She is using Taylor swit.These type of singers are not good

  • No she is not

    She is just another teen with a pretty face and she is only popular because of her one dimensional fan base which consists mainly of pimple faced teens who do not know anything about life. She is not a musician who is talented nor is she a talented actress in fact I do not see what is so special about her now that you mention her.

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