• It's Part of Free Will

    I believe self-determination is a basic human right and it is most closely associated with free will. Ideally people would be afforded the chance to succeed if they just put the effort in to do so, self-determination is the key to pushing forward. Some people have different levels of self-determination.

  • It is basic

    A group of people, in their own land and forming their own organization, should be allowed to decide their own affiliation with other groups of to form their own country. If people, as a group, do not want to be part of the country they are in, they have a right to leave, as any individual does.

  • Self-determination is a human right.

    Self-determination is a human right.If a person has no other rights at all in life,they should be able to decide what happens to them and what they decide to do.Most people would probably agree that even though accidents do happen much of what happens to us is up to how we handle ourselves and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

  • Self-Determination is a Human Right

    Yes, the right to self determination is a human right. The United States' Declaration of Independence lists three inalienable human rights; the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Within the notion of the pursuit of happiness lies implicit the right for one to determine one's life for oneself.

  • No human can have perfect self-determination.

    No, self-determination is not a human right, because each person cannot completely decide which laws they will abide by and which they do not care for. Self-determination means so many different things to different people. Does it mean majority rule? Does it mean rule by those who are most in charge? We cannot all be anarchists.

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