• I don't know about US, but in Australia it definitely is!!

    I don't know what the specific number is in Australia but it is a very big problem here. I personally don't want to harm masked in any way but it seems to be what most of my friends want to do. I have six close friends and 4 of them have self harmed and its obvious from the cut lines on their arms and legs that 3 of them are still doing it!! It's absolutely horrible. And this is just my friendship group, 50% of my friends are doing it so does that ran that on average 50% of all friendship groups have the same problem?! It's alarming!!!! And this is just in Australia, we have hardly any people compared to the US, so yes my opinion is that self harm is a big problem in the US and quite frankly the world!

  • Self harm is inevitable in modern society

    Living in modern America is relatively easy. Leisure time has grossly expanded beyond belief. With this time, people have more time to behave stupidly. People have the time to inflict self harm. It is not like they are actually busy people with things to do and people to see. If they did they wouldn't have the time to consider hurting themselves.

  • Slightly, in a different way

    I'm know sure what the number is in the us, but despite if it is a big or small problem, it is an important problem, that should be solved. If anyone has a self harm problem, they should try seeking help whether its in themselves or a friend or parent, the options are endless. Sometimes it takes time for someone to self harm to realize that it is a problem, and like some problems the answer to them is time and maybe hope. People change, or moer specifly they evolve. Eventually something that they used to resolve doesn't help anymore. Anyway what I mean is that yes it is a problem. It's not a big problem, in numbers, but a big problem in importance. Self harm is usually found in teenagers, and they are the future.

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