• Go see a therapist.

    People will cut themselves in non fatal places and post the pictures on Twitter and Instagram. They do it because they seek attention, and that isn't bad. These are people who need help and attention because their probably not getting enough of it. The best way is to see a therapist who understands the human mind and knows what you are thinking and can assess you better.

  • I have been through it

    I have been through depression, and I have self harmed numerous times and NO it is definitely NOT FOR ATTENTION!!!!!!! I am offended by people who say it's "Just for attention" but in reality it's not and the victim may be going through some hard times, people need to see.

  • Self harming is NOT attention seeking.

    Self harm couldn't possibly be attention seeking for a number of reasons. One, why would we barricade the door, hide whatever was used, and feel so ashamed of it when asked where the scars came from ,if it was for attention? If you can argue with that please have a legitimate excuse.

  • Self harm is not attention seeking.

    Allot of the time, no one ever admits to self-harm, thinking it to be a flaw because it is painful to be misunderstood. We have been through allot, and should be taken seriously. We hurt ourselves to deal with something that is happening/happened. We do it to feel pain, and to punish ourselves, or feel in control. Many people that self-harm need help but are afraid to ask for it. Their reluctance is due to the stigma associated with self-harming behavior and mental health.

  • Maybe it's a cry for help -- but it is NEVER purely attention-seeking!

    This is something done behind closed doors and long sleeves. So many people don't seek help because they're afraid of how others will perceive them.

    And when they post pictures to social media? When they tell everyone they do it? That's not attention-seeking; it's a cry for help. As similar as many people believe the two to be, they're not the same. In regards to self-harm, there is no such thing as attention-seeking. "I self-harm; I will continue to self-harm so you'll care about me" is asking for a way to achieve that relationship without self-harm. "I self-harm; I've told everyone I self-harm" is a desperate plea because that person feels out of control and wants AND needs to be stopped. "I self-harm, but I cover it so nobody can see" is the same thing as telling someone that they have low self-esteem and don't know how to seek help.

    There is no such thing as self-harming solely for attention. Self-harming can be an indication of needed affection or it can be a private decision, but it is never done just so someone will pay attention to a self-harmer.

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