• Yes, Al Franken is right to be concerned about Uber.

    In an age where the government is keeping our phone records, our internet activity history, and everyone else in the world, we can become complacent about our loss of privacy. This doesn't let Uber off the hook for their executive's admission of keeping tabs on a journalists whereabouts. They should be heavily penalized.

  • Franken has a right

    Franken has a right. Although I do not like him, Franken has a right to be concerned about Uber. In our modern arena, a lot of things need to be questioned. If we don't question, then sometimes things will not work to our benefit. So I think Al Franken has the right idea in that way.

  • Al Franken is too worried.

    No, Al Franken should not be concerned about Uber, because this is no different than most taxis. The vast majority of people just want a low-cost way to get to work. This used to be the way it was done before taxi cabs were regulated. People should be allowed to cost share. They want to encourage carpooling but they won't allow it for profit. Uber is a good thing.

  • While Uber Has Many Unanswered Questions About Its Practices, Franken's Concerns Could Be Overstating The Issues

    As a relatively new company, Uber is going to going to have a great number of growing pains and issues arise that can't be either easily or quickly answered. While Sen. Franken is right to be concerned, his concerned needs to be tempered by the realities of what young companies that are redefining or defining their market face as they grow. Uber, and similar companies and services, need room to stumble, learn, and grow, with overly restrictive governmental oversight.

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