Is sending hardcore criminals to prison a waste of taxpayers' money?

  • Yes. Hardcore criminals should be put to work!

    Yes. Hardcore criminals have no place in our prisons, except if it's time to sleep. Criminals of a high caliber should be placed in work camps, not given a lifetime of food and rest at the expense of the tax paying citizen. If the criminal was able bodied enough to commit their serious crimes, then they should be able to spend the rest of their lives saving tax dollars, not spending them.

  • Not, if we put the time. He does spend locked up, to good use:

    Well if it keeps him off the street and away from your valuables for a while, is what we always say, right? But money wise, it's doesn't pay to keep him locked up at our expense.

    Much better to punish him with TORTURE

    oh yes..
    It works too, breaks his spirit, so he won't re offend

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Brathor says2013-11-02T22:37:46.640
As opposed to what? Executing all of them?
Muscle_Boy says2013-12-09T16:35:08.077
As you can see, from my post, there is one more option, a third solution to crime