Is separation of church and state being defied?

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  • Unfortunately, it is.

    "One Nation Under God." "In God We Trust." "And so help me God."

    These are just a few examples of there being very little separation of church and state. In the Pledge of Allegiance, students talk about their nation being "Under God." All US currency includes the phrase "In God We Trust." When presidents are being inaugurated, they end with "And so help me God." This is a problem because in 1801, the Treaty of Tripoli stated that government and religion should not be together.

  • Government is fighting religion

    People are constantly being denied the right to pray or otherwise display religion (specifically Christian) in public places, such as schools or government buildings. In many places religious people are forced to go against their conscience at the command of the government, such as being forced to provide for homosexual weddings or pay taxes that may go to contraception or abortion. In many schools, you can't say it's Christmas break, it's "holiday" or "winter" break. There's no Easter break, only "spring" break. An approval authority for the Air Force Academy received a complaint because he approved an email that included the word "Christmas" and was about a Christian organization. He had to retract the email. Is this really freedom of religion? Anti-Christians claim this is all in the name of "separation of church and state" but in reality it is the opposite. It is a removal of Christianity from the public, and it's intentional.

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