• First they say they don't have such equipment to destroy planes and after one day they show off with their machines.

    Separatist have enough equipment to destroy any plane, even if it's located in another country!Surely they could easily destroy it.Separatists are proving themselves as force that destroyes anything on it's way.I strongly beleive that after opening Black Box, scientists will say that separatists were ones who took down Air Algerie!

  • No, the crash was weather-related.

    No, I don't believe the Air Algerie crash is due to separatist violence. The flight's planned course went through a turbulent area of air space, and the flight left in the wee hours of the night, therefore posing a threat to the safety of all those aboard the Air Algerie flight.

  • No, severe weather conditions caused the crash.

    No, separatist violence did not cause the Air Algerie crash this past week. As evidence from air traffic control towers, and the crash site show, the plane encountered storms which lead to the crash. French soldiers who have examined the crash site say that the way the plane crashed does not jive with separatist violence. The crew contacted air traffic control in Niger and said they encountered storms. The storms and severe weather are what caused the loss of control and ultimate crash of the flight.

  • We don't have enough information

    We can't say whether or not this incident was caused by separatist violence because there isn't enough information available at this time. If it were, though, it wouldn't be surprising. All armed conflict has the potential to endanger uninvolved people. Whatever the cause was, though, it was certainly a tragedy.

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