• Yes, Sergio Ramos is the next big thing.

    Even though he is only 29 years old, he leads his team, both physically and emotionally. His fiery disposition and aggressive nature can get him in trouble at times, but it always makes him wildly entertaining to watch. His dashing good looks are another reason he is the next big thing.

  • Yes, Serigo Ramos is the next big thing

    Right now the media needs a diversion from the collapsing economy, the wars to enrich bankers and the already wealthy and the fraud and corruption that pervades Washinton D. C. Serio Ramos will serve the diversionary pupose for the time being. People are tired of seeing the odd-ball spectacle of Bruce Jenner being turned into a woman. They need Ramos as a diversion.

  • Only Time Will Tell

    The jury is still out on whether Sergio Ramos is the next big thing in professional football. Yes, he successfully can play more than one position, delivering all the correct ingredients. Can he continue to perform at this level or at an even higher level? Many sports players have had a great start; for one reason or another, he or she could not consistently deliver for his or her team.

  • Who is Sergio Ramos?

    I find it irrelevant to even ponder this individual and their upcoming status. First of all, if this individual has so much prospect to be gained, then why have I not heard mention of his name? I would have to research who he is and discover his accomplishments before making that evaluation.

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