• Droughts are part of our weather pattern.

    Yes, I think that it's pretty obvious to the entire world that natural weather cycles are behind severe drought. While global warming might be a part of that as well, it's yet to be proven. But there's no one secretly or blatantly manipulating weather patterns to make droughts happen. But hopefully the drought in California won't last for long.

  • In Some Cases

    I believe there are cases where severe drought is the result of natural weather cycles. The planet is not stagnant, it is ever changing. I believe our use of the land and water systems have also made severe drought possible or even worse then they would have been without human involvement. The Dust Bowl is a great example of both working together.

  • Severe drought is a result of natural weather cycles.

    Severe drought is a result of natural weather cycles. The droughts always seem to almost be predictable by the calendar almost. I believe that the drought occurs because of something that is offset in the weather patterns causing there to not be enough rain in the atmosphere at the time.

  • Droughts have happened for a long time

    Sever droughts are known to have happened throughout history, both before and after mankind was generating so much energy and pollution as to affect the climate. While it is true that humanity has an accelerating influence on climate change which does lead to more severe droughts, we are only impacting their frequency, but are certainly not the source of their existence in the first place.

  • Just part of weather cycles

    Sever droughts are just part of natural weather patterns and this is not affected by humans at all. Humans do not have the capacity to change the weather patterns. This cycles occur every so often but then soon after a large dose of wet weather occurs. This will continue to happen without any control from people.

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