• Yes, sex abuse in churches is still a prevalent issue.

    Unfortunately, sex abuse in churches is still a prevalent issue. Many religious organizations do not want the bad publicity related to a sex abuse scandal. Therefore, a lot of churches will sweep allegations of abuse under the rug; hoping that the pubic never finds out. Furthermore, religious organizations often do not fire workers that commit abuse; instead sending them to other locations to work.

  • Hidden, but not gone

    Yes, sex abuse in churches is likely still a prevalent issue. We have heard about a lot of convictions in the church, but there are likely more instances that we do not hear about. Unfortunately, the set up of the church is often conducive to sex abuse acts. Celebate priests working with youth is unfortunately a recipe for disaster in many cases.

  • Abuse Everywhere an Issue

    Sex abuse is most certainly still an issue in churches and other forms of authority in general. As long as there are people in power and are given a sense of authority over others, there will always be abuse because there is no education and no specific training to avoid these kinds of things from happening.

  • No, it's done by a few.

    Sex abuse is not a prevalent issue in the church as only few few cases are reported a long period of time. There were cases of sexual abuse in the places of worship but they had not reached an alarming state, over the years the case have reduced drastically following shaming and prosecution of abusers.

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