• It appears to be an addiction...

    ...According to the actual definition of "addiction". So, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

    I suffer from it, and it caused some emotional harm to my wife and her family recently, so I'm seeking help to curb it.

    Those that claim it is not an addiction are lying to themselves and to the rest of us.

  • It absolutely is because you're incapable of controlling your impulses.

    As sexologists say accurately, sex becomes a very serious problem when it interferes with other aspects of your life (turning you into a kind of slave) and you "abandon" your senses to a permanent orgasmic emptiness, affecting your relationships, economy, mental state and health. Strongly related with the use of pornography, extreme dissatisfaction and, consequently, rampant self-hatred; it's definitely a modern, more common disease.

  • I am a sufferer an it is an illness that i suffer with

    I wish i could say it is just an excuse and like an addict i try constantly to stop and not partake and fail miserably. I have a wonderful partner and i cannot talk to her about it, i live in Germany and am an english speaker and I find it difficult to get support. I get to a point every day where i start to feel the need and then cannot help myself it s worst when i am not occupied. Every time i partake i hate myself afterwards and vow like an addict never to do it again and then a day or a week later i end up in the same position. I feel no support is available and do not know how to stop. If it was an excuse i would not be looking for help i would be comfortable with it. The problem is that as this debate is still happening few people take it seriously.

  • Yes, Only True Addicts Would Behave So Foolishly

    Some people make appointments to meet total strangers in lonely places.
    They pick up partners in bars, with no real idea of what they are getting into.
    They take the chance of catching AIDS, which might not be fatal any more,
    but is still a dire disease. That is not to mention herpes, and a
    host of disgusting diseases that may in turn be passed on to a loved one.
    People with this problem often lose the real relationships they care about.
    They must be addicted to sex, or they would not behave so self destructively.

  • Sex addiction is a real issue for some people, because sex can be very difficult to live without.

    I believe that the more sex a person gets, the more sex they want. Once a person has been exposed to sex, it is very difficult to live without it. It seems like a true physical need.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I believe that sex addiction is actually an illness that should be taken very seriously.

    I do think that people can be legitimately addicted to sex. Sex is a very powerful thing and can bring people the same amount of pleasure as drugs, alcohol and overeating. I do think some people have used it as an excuse for poor behavior and a way to stay out of trouble but there are many people who struggle daily with sex addiction. It's a very hard addiction to understand and I feel should be respected and studied more.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • Sex addiction is an illness; some its victims hide behind it.

    Sex is a necessary physical need for most, but an outright addiction to some. Sometimes cheating partners will use the addiction as an excuse for infidelity. In these cases, they may be acknowledging on the surface that they have the disease, but they are unwilling to do anything about it. In fact, they may be enabling themselves and using the disease as a security blanket for deeper rooted psychological problems. Sex addiction is used as an excuse for promiscuity, but it does not excuse its victims if they are unwilling to take their partners seriously enough to seek help.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Sexual addition is an illness that needs to be taken seriously.

    Just as people can become addicted to drugs or alcohol because of the neurotransmitters that are released during the process of taking them, so can they with sex. Sex also releases endorphins which the brain can become addicted to, though many still use a sexual addiction excuse when they do not actually have it.

    Posted by: NauseatingAbdul53
  • Sex addiction can be a real condition and illness, because many people actually struggle with it.

    Sex addiction is not just an excuse. Many may use it as an excuse, which is sad for those who really can not stop thinking of sex. Everyone's brain is wired differently. Some who claim this addiction have a lack of self-control, and that is completely different than an addict. Addicts constantly have the urge for sex. That is a lot different than taking advantage of alcohol and having one night stands. A sex addict suffers from foul sexual behaviors and it is not a choice. When one chooses to "conquer" the other sex for bragging rights, their ego is not the same as one who struggles to think of and do something else, besides seeking out sex.

    Posted by: RodFreak
  • I believe that sex addition is an excuse for bad behavior, rather than an illness, because people should have control over that impulse.

    In recent times, it has become popular to classify many things as illnesses that were not considered to be in the past. I believe that sex addiction is one of these things. Considering it to be an illness is a good way for people to have an excuse for their bad behavior. I grew up in a time when people were expected to have control over their impulses. We are too easy on people these days when it comes to conforming to the rules of a decent society.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Sex addiction is not an illness, while it can be an addiction, but not in the sense that the body needs it.

    Sex addiction is a choice, to a large degree, though it probably is a manifestation of a mental condition. Addiction implies that the body has to have the particular substance. For instance, when the body becomes addicted to caffeine, a headache or other physical side effect occurs when the body does not get it. That would not be the case with sex addiction. Though sex addiction may, and probably does, indicate a mental illness of some kind, it is not an illness itself.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • I believe sex addiction is an excuse for the unfaithful, because I do not know of any hard evidence showing it is an addiction.

    Sex addiction is an excuse for people to be unfaithful to their partners, or to enjoy a very promiscuous lifestyle. These people feel guilt and shame for the acts they commit afterward, so they want to give it a legitimate reason for being. If they can paint their choices as an addiction, they think they can gain sympathy and avoid scrutiny.

    Posted by: Bubba
  • Sex addiction is just an excuse; with strong enough will power you can abstain from intercourse.

    Sex addiction is just an excuse; a person with a strong enough resolve will be able to abstain from intercourse. There is nothing biological about an addiction to sex; it is all mental and any mental fixation can easily be conquered with the right amount of will power and the ability to focus one's attention elsewhere.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Excuses excuses. Get some self control and stop slapping labels on behaviors to make them acceptable.

    We try to dissect every single damn thing humans do and make up terms for it. This is by far the stupidest "addiction" ever. Its not an addiction. We are humans. Pretty much another animal. Its what we do. We reprocreate. Humans are not supposed to be monogamous. Fact! Some choose to be. Stop making it okay for everyone to claim a disease or illness.

  • The term addiction may mislead

    First of all people cannot simply answer yes or no since the question contains two possible answers. If I answer yes it may be to either of the two possible answers just as if I were to answer no.

    Any way, Sex is a tool that many are learning to use. Knowing how is a mystery. People may get lost in the search. Alice may do many crazy things in her new world until she has a way out or is found. That is not the same as knowing the way and yet abiding in lust. Exploring sexuality may appear like an addiction but not be. The ways that people grow are often complicated by others and our environment. I would not be too quick to judge the practices of people as an addiction. I would not be too quick to judge mark the practices of people as either an illness or excuse. The eating practices of people is often imperfect yet we accept the way people eat and are not quick to mark that as an addiction or evil. There are projection matters that people repress under terms such as addiction. Often that is the real wickedness in the picture. Self righteousness is among the most twisted forms of perversion there is.

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