• It's good for anyone who believes it's good for them.

    I personally have had sex before marriage and I'm doing perfectly fine. As long as it makes you feel good, is consensual, and is with a partner who treats you fairly, there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage. It can be a fulfilling and positive experience! Also, it gives you the ability to know what you like in sex before committing to someone for what is supposed to be the rest of your life.

  • Practice makes perfect.

    I think that sex before marriage is a great idea. No one wants to be married to a person that
    doesn’t know how to satisfy them sexually.
    Being a good lover is something that can only be learned from experience. Practice makes perfect, so the only way to
    become good is to do it a lot.

  • Sex before marriage helps you see if you are compatible.

    Sex before marriage allows you to see if you are sexually compatible. It also helps deter some of the hormones that can cloud your thinking. If your mind is constantly on sex and wanting to have it because you never get to, it can cloud your thinking. You may think you really like or love someone and then realize that you were just lusting for them.

  • Cultural rules around the world forbid it.

    Statisticly if you have sex before marriage, You or your partner are likely to cheat, You have a higher probability of divorce, There is more distrust in the relationship, Then there is the issue of having a illegitimate child, And finally higher rates of STDs. So for mental and physical health reasons you should not have sex before marriage.

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