• I totally support sex education in school

    First and foremost, sex education can help the children who come of age understand more their body and the ways that they can protect themselves from diseases affected by sex. I will take the educational system in my country as an example . Since my country belongs to Asia, so talking about sex is always seen as a shameful act. That is why, in my country , although we are in high school or become adults, the conceptions about sex are ambiguos but because of the powerful advancement of technological devices ,the children nowadays can easily interact with inappropriate information about everything including sex. For instance , my friends discovered sex by watching sex films or reading sex magazing and so on without the guidance of their parents , which can leads to the bad consequences. For instance, the case of raping is getting more and more ubiquitous as well as the case of abortion. Thus, i highly recommended that all school all over the world should bring sex education into school as a core subject which not only protect their children but also build a better world.

  • I say YES

    Sex education does not only teach about issues of sexual anatomy or Physiology. Sex education is also related to reproductive health, contraception, prevention of diseases, even the sexual attitudes and behavior of people. The student can understand how to protect yourself from these diseases. Important for them to understand human behavior and can distinguish and avoid the consequences of these acts of child sexual abuse or sexual harassment and etc.

  • Yes, there are many opinions on the topic.

    Yes, sex education in schools is an ethical issue, because many people have a variety of opinions on what appropriate sexual activity is at what age, and what should be encouraged. Some people believe it does a disservice to young people to advocate sexual activity at a young age. Others believe education produces more responsible behavior. This is a complicated issue.

  • Not teaching students about sex is ethically wrong

    Not teaching or allowing someone to learn of an important topic is can be considered ethically wrong, because you are keeping them ignorant and disadvantaged due to lack of knowledge. While teaching sex education in schools can also be considered ethically wrong because some believe it is up to parents to decide when and how their children learn about sex.

  • No. Just no.

    Just no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n o o o o o o o o o o o

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