• There are standards that many parents won't live up to. And there are dangers when kids don't know what to do about sexual matters.

    Many parents don't want to talk about sex because it's uncomfortable, and they sure don't want their kids to know more about sex than they do. If I had basic education in sex as a kid, I wouldn't have a pedophile use my lack of knowledge of sex as an excuse to teach me PRIVATELY about it... Which of course isn't teaching, but abuse. Would these people against it figure if a doctor taught their kids about sex, would that be appropriate? I read on article where someone thought they would be safe from getting pregnant just by having a shower after sex.

  • It is very essential for a teenager

    Sex education lets the teenagers know about the correct facts in a proper manner. Instead of letting them know about sex through other sources, which do not provide us with proper information and is created just for the sake of entertainment, we must make an effort to teach them about the right and wrong ourselves. As normal as it is, sex is nothing to be excited or shy about.

  • Youth today experience much more than before. Movies and TV shows tend to show more sex without guidelines. Youth tend to do as they see

    It would be nice if parents would and could talk with their children about sex, but at times many parents find this hard to do. So what happens they talk to friends or let the TV tell them what to do. It is our responsibility as educators to assist our youth. Sex education should be taught in schools (with parental consent). This just may slow down the rate of teen pregnancy along with SDT's.

  • This education is necessary before high school.

    Sex education is necessary before high school. In this day and age when kids are being exposed to sexuality before their time, by TV networks such as MTV, schools need to educate kids on proper knowledge of human sexuality, especially how to prevent pregnancy by abstinence and axplain how the organs function.

  • Sex Education starts at home

    Sex education is absolutely necessary before high school. The moment your child learns to communicate, they need to be taught everything there is to know about themselves, including their Private parts. Just the same as we teach our children what their nose is, or their arms, they should be well aware of words like vagina and penis. Parents and children should be comfortable with their bodies and the words we use to describe them. If our children aren't comfortable with their Private parts, their names or talking about them, when they do hear these words and learn these things in high school how comfortable would that be? When children are armed with education, its prepares them for the world. Sexual predators lurk and stalk waiting for children so naive that even though these kids sense something bad is going on, most cannot communicate or defend against it, because they are not educated as a young child. It is very important to teach at home all about their bodies, and sex so when they are at the age of puberty, they understand what their body is going through and will make smarter choices about sex through education and not human instinct. Arm your children from the start, not right before their bodies want to experiment with the new feeling of being a grown up.

  • I think it serves a purpose.

    I think that sex education before high school does serve a purpose. I believe that they should use this time to help children and young teens through the awkward time of puberty and what is going on with their bodies. Not all parents take the time to explain to their children. They could go over the basics of sex, but leave the major education for high school.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is important to tackle sex education before high school and probably no later than 6th grade when children are first reaching their teen years. Children tend to experiment sexually before their parents are willing to admit it, so its best to cover these topics before that happens.

  • Sex Education Before

    I personally thing that sex education is not necessary before high school because it honestly teaches students to quick about sexual intercourse. I personally think that sex education is not necessary before high school because it makes kids go up too fast and it can affect many children. I personally think that sex education is not necessary before high school it just makes kids do it if they know about it.

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