Is sex education necessary in the K-12 curriculum?

  • Its needed because it may help kids that age take it more seriously and not as a joke.

    Kids at the age need to learn about it because it may help them take it seriously and not as some silly joke. When your a teen learning about this is healthy, it helps you learn about the risks and dangers in it. Yes, the education behind this is needed for security and knowledge.

  • Sex education necessary in the K-12 curriculum.

    Today, kids are being bombarded with information about sex from TV, movies, and computers. It's necessary for trained teachers to explain how sex works in a safe environment. If kids learn about sex from the media, they will get false information, and they could unintentionally get sick or have unwanted pregnancies.

  • Kids Must Know

    Sexual education is necessary. It is a sad truth that not all children in our schools have parents who will explain their children the necessary details regarding human sexuality. Therefore, children must learn these things in school, because hormones and changes to students' bodies will begin to affect them before twelfth grade.

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