• We need to be more sex positive

    By sex positive I do not mean encouraging sex I just mean we should avoid shaming any sexual choices of anybody. We should learn about risks of all sexual activities and how to possibly avoid them. Yes we should let kids know about abstinence but they also have a right to learn in school about birth control methods

  • Properly Executed Sexual Education Would Work

    Because sex and relating issues are so taboo, sexual educators may have trouble properly educating students. In order to properly educate someone sexually, you must explain the concept of fertility and also contraception, which many parents have trouble with explaining to their children, or allowing the school to do so. I can say for a fact those people I know whose parents did not sign off on their sex ed permission forms have a higher rate of pregnancy and they all wish they had received the education. Sex ed may not be great everywhere, but where it is good, it works.

  • No one cares

    Students just don't care. Kids these days find it cool to have sex and when it comes to popularity, everyone wants be at the top. The sex Ed in my school is so bad. They only tell you statistics and what could happen. Sometimes they'll have a boring speaker come in. It's just lame and kids usually just do it to get a grade. The teachers need to be more into it and act like they care. They need to be fierce. Tell them if they get herpes they'll loser their pretty face and no one else will want to have sex with them. Tell them that sexual relationships don't ever last and that the partner is probably using you. Tell them that not using condoms on a young girl is a douche thing to do. I'm sure that'll their attention.

  • No it is not working

    At my school they had a sex education class and after they stopped it 15 girls at my school have gotten pregnant at a young age and they baby daddy's wont help take care of they kids and some are putting they kids up for adoption to a stranger family it is not helping.

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