• Yes it certainly is wrong.

    According to the Bible, premarital sex is very wrong and is a sin against God. Even if you aren't Christian, sex before marriage still causes serious problems such as a deep sense of guilt and regret. Lots of people who did it will admit that it was one of the worst things they ever did and it ruined them. Don't make that same mistake friends, just be patient and have discipline. Thank you and God bless!

  • Though I said yes, I can't fully agree with my choice.

    Sex can be a very great thing in a relationship or marriage. I am Eastern Orthodox and during fasting periods, we abstain from sex. Once the fast is over, we can continue to have sex. Sex used in this way creates a very powerful bond with your partner. It prevents sex from becoming just a "routine" and helps to keep it from getting boring as well as providing very strong emotions once the two "reconnect" once the fast ends. I believe sex is powerful and should be used in either creating a child or strengthening the bond between two people. I feel the use of sex strictly for pleasure takes away from some of those feelings an emotions or eradicates some of them at all.

    It's all your opinion. I'm only giving you my view on the matter. I cannot judge you or anyone else for your beliefs. Let me live my life without bothering you and I ask you do the same for me.

  • As Long As You're Ready

    Marriage is a social construct that was created long after having sex. Marriage was created to protect your spouse and support them emotionally. If you have sex outside marriage, you just have to be prepared to face the possibility of getting a STD or a child. We treat sex as a terrible thing, and treat people who are sexual like they are immoral, when it is simply our natural instincts.

  • No, sex has existed long before marriage.

    For the non-religious such as myself, marriage is mostly a string of legal benefits. As long as you trust the person you're with, use protection, and are comfortable, you can have sex at any stage of a relationship that you choose. Likewise, you can also have a loving and committed relationship outside of the context of marriage.

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