• Yes it is

    It is part of our instincts to think less of women because of how frail they are used to be and part of our mind still thinks thAT way it may be wrong but we can justify it people are still changing we know women are as capable as men in some places but we were accustomed to that way of life for so long that we still have some of the mind set

  • Sexism is absolutely NOT a justified practice.

    Sexism is not justified because it discriminates against males and females. Also, sexism sexualizes both genders which is not okay. Sexism states that all men think about sex 24/7 and that they're expected to have sex with anyone at any time, even if it's non-consensual. For women, sexism states that women are just objects designed to sexually please, arouse, and entertain men, which is why there are more female prostitutes than male prostitutes and more female strippers than male strippers. Sexism is wrong and it makes both men and women feel as if they are just seen as objects in society.

  • Viva la resistance!!!

    For centuries, women have been oppressed by cruel supremacy, served cold by men. As late as 1928 in Great Britain, men had 'wife auctions', in hopes to sell their wives as meat to buyers who usually only paid a pound. A pound. For a human life. Women were sold as animals, and were actually treated like them as punishment from their husbands.
    Women weren't allowed to participate in political or industrial affairs, as Parliament was solely dominated by males. Sexism was an ancient injustice that led to 50% of the population legally, morally, and physically under men. "We cannot but wonder and grieve that we should appear so despicable in your eyes as to be thought unworthy to petition this honourable house".
    Honestly, as a feminist and a woman, I cannot bear to think of the harsh cruelties women faced, and are still facing today. Yes, women can vote now. Yes, women can have a public education. Yes, women can have equal pay. However, women are STILL facing prejudice for their gender. Racism may be a popular target today, but it's the women who have constantly petitioned the government to be free. Free from unequal conditions. Free from suffering under the harsh slap to the face when they weren't allowed to be involved in affairs. By God! Just look at your own country and see the chains you bind us in!!

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